20 Power Rangers Villains Who Snuck Past The Censors

With over 900 episodes under its belt at this point, the Power Rangers franchise has seen its fair share of villainous monsters. First created by the twisted Moon Witch Rita Repulsa during the early Mighty Morphin’ years, monsters of the week have always played a prominent part in the mythos of the show, and over the 25 years since it first aired, those monsters have come in all shapes and sizes, from the terrifying to the ridiculous.

Who remembers Pursehead, the monster with the head shaped like a purse? Or Chunky Chicken, the giant chicken that attacked the Rangers with a huge pair of scissors? They’re not all silly, though; over the years there have been some genuinely scary villains that send a chill down your spine. Power Rangers has always been at the whim of the footage they can get from the Japanese Super Sentai shows on which it’s based, but even so there are plenty of monsters that have faced off against the Teenagers With Attitude that make you you give a hearty jostle, and make you wonder just how they made it onto our screens in the first place! Here at CBR, we bring you 20 Bizarre Power Rangers Villains Who Snuck Past the Censors!


The Intergalactic Pirate Queen of Evil, the Toxic Diva, the villainous rogue of Power Rangers: Turbo, Divatox was the leader of a motley crew of monsters, mutants and aliens that forged a path of conquest and terror across the galaxy. As a rival to Rita Repulsa, Divatox was introduced in the Turbo movie, before arriving in the TV show during the final years of the Zordon Era.

Played with scene-chewing glee by Hilary Shepard Turner (and Carol Hoyt while Turner was on maternity leave), Divatox was a hit with fans as a replacement of sorts to the main villains of previous years, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. Her revealing outfit was a far cry from the giant brown cloak of Rita or the skinless chrome look of Zedd, and the tight corset, eye mask and thigh high boots made her popular with viewers and cosplayers alike.


Known as the Princess of Evil, or the Dark Princess of Space, Astronema was the primary villain of Power Rangers in Space, the sister of Andros and ruler of the Quantrons in her Dark Fortress. Trained to be an evil warrior by the dark lord Ecliptor, Astronema was fed lies about the Power Rangers, turning her against the heroes.

She was eventually restored to her good self, Karone, by the love of her brother Andros, the Red Space Ranger, and took on the role of the Pink Space Ranger in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. During her time as Astronema, her skin tight leather suits, metallic breastplate and bright, constantly changing hair styles set her apart from Divatox that came before her, and even though she never showed as much skin as her predecessor, her outfit was still pretty risque for a kids show.


See Monster -- aside from being a fun play on words -- is one of the grossest monsters to hit the Power Rangers franchise. At first it looks like he’s wearing a giant coat, until you see that it’s actually just two huge flaps of his own skin, and when he opens them up there are dozens of eyes nestled in the exposed muscles.

Aside from the fact that this is a disgusting sight, See Monster is possibly the only monster on a kids TV to be an actual flasher. Nevermind that he’s got a hundred eyes and a mass of muscles under his skin coat, nothing good is ever revealed when a stranger comes up to you and dramatically opens up their jacket. You’ve got to wonder what kind of tailor would put pockets and buttons in a guy’s skin flaps, too.


With a name like Face Stealer, you could already tell that this monster is going to be a treat. Looking like an evil ball of teeth with a spooky kabuki face, Face Stealer’s whole deal is that he steals the faces of his enemies, even brandishing two faces where his eyes should be. He’s got a strange pumpkin mask that doesn’t seem that creepy on its own, but when it parts and his true visage is revealed, he’s a very creepy sight.

Appearing in the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Face Stealer was unleashed on the world by Rita Repulsa, and went on to use his long tongue to steal the faces of multiple people, including two Power Rangers. The rest of the Rangers managed to free his captives, before defeating his giant form with the Ninja Ultrazord.


Looking like he’d stared into the Ark of the Covenant for a little too long, Mutitus is a zombie-like monster from season one of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and with no skin on his body (apart from some decomposing bits on his feet), he casts a pretty terrifying look, like a reject from the Walking Dead, but on a kids show.

Mutitus wields a long chain as a weapon, with a spiked ball on one end that he uses to attack the Power Rangers. Rita summoned the evil deity Lokar to imbue Mutitus with the Breath of Doom, evolving him from disturbing skinless zombie skeleton, to a disturbing skinless zombie dragon that could spray toxic foam. Whatever his form, he was extremely graphic for a show that usually pitted it’s heroes against large chickens and leprechauns.


Daughter of the Galactic tyrant Scorpius, Trakeena was the primary villain of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy with insectoid features and a spoiled princess attitude. She was vain and loved her humanoid features, so much so that she resisted her father’s wishes to enter a cocoon and assume her next, more insectoid form. After being badly injured by the Galaxy Rangers, however, she reluctantly entered the cocoon, emerging more powerful for it and becoming almost unbeatable.

Trakeena may have loved herself, but she had her fair share of fans among the show’s viewers as well. Her original humanoid form, with close-fitting purple outfit and bug-like antenna is absolutely some people’s very specific fantasy, and while the fan base would no doubt narrow once she evolves into her insectoid form, even that look accentuated her figure in ways that must have made a few fans uncomfortable.


The innocent looking human form of Scorpina has turned many a Power Rangers Fan’s head, with her cheerful beauty and figure-hugging outfit, but behind the smile is a sadistic villain with a truly monstrous form, turning into a giant scorpion beast when Rita casts her magic. Her scythe-like sword can be thrown like a boomerang when she faces off against the Rangers, and though it doesn’t really need to be said of anyone that’s an old friend of Rita Repulsa, Scorpina is pretty evil.

She’s often seen as being quite close with Goldar, and their similar armor would certainly suggest a closeness too. She faced off against the Power Rangers multiple times, one time using her pet silkworm in an attack, and one time assuming a human disguise to try and covertly take down Adam the Black Ranger.


As Power Rangers fans, we’re probably all used to Lord Zedd’s iconic look by now, but looking back at what we’d been accustomed to in the show up until that point, Zedd’s skinless figure, exposed brain and chrome skeletal details are a pretty shocking sight. The tubes pumping who knows what around his system and the sharp claws on each hand don’t make him any more palatable either, but he certainly made a massive impact when he arrived on the scene during season two of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

With no origin in the Japanese Super Sentai, Zedd was the first American-made villain for the show, and it proved that the creators weren’t holding back. After his first few attempts at defeating the Rangers went awry, his schemes got a little wackier and his menace diminished, but in those early episodes he was suitably scary.


Even the description of this monster is scary -- a giant skeletal hyena with an implausibly small head and threatening bone staff, who goes around laughing maniacally and mocking his enemies. Created by Lord Zedd after he saw a magazine with hyenas on the cover (hey, when inspiration strikes you’ve got to go with it!), Skelerena tormented the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the season two episode "Mirror of Regret."

While he looks pretty terrifying, Skelerena didn’t actually provide much of a threat to the Rangers, who managed to defeat him pretty swiftly with the Power Cannon. Still, there’s no denying his look is memorable, so much so that his image was used as a boss fight in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie video game released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo.


No, we’re not talking about the “Big Bad” from season one of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. And no, we’re not talking about the frequent nemesis to Doctor Who. We’re talking about the major villain at the heart of Power Rangers: Mystic Force, known as Octomus but only ever referred to as The Master.

The Supreme Master of the Underworld and true leader of the forces of darkness, The Master was only ever seen at first as a giant eye in a blood red pool in the underworld; however, his true image is that of a terrifying Lovecraftian octopus beast with dragon heads on the end of each tentacle. His Final form, however, was somehow worse, looking like a fallen angel style glowing red and black squid-faced skeleton.


You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family, and truer words have never been spoken when it comes to Rita Repulsa’s brother, oddly named Rito Revolto. Just having similar naming alliteration isn’t usually how family names work, but either way Rito arrived as the absent-minded brother/minion of Rita, taking Scorpina’s place while she was absent from the series.

Looking like a reject from an Iron Maiden album cover, Rito is a skeletal army soldier, complete with bone helmet and bone sword. Despite his genuinely creepy appearance, the reason he probably got past the censors was that he was always portrayed as the bumbling comic relief during any scene he was in, never really providing the threat that his image inspires. Still, he did manage to destroy the Thunderzords, even if that was the only useful thing he ever did.


One of the more disgusting entries on this list, the Ravenator is a monster from the third season of the Mighty Morphin era, in the episode Rita’s Pita. Looking like a logo for the worst pizza joint in town, Ravenator is nothing but a giant mouth with arms and legs, brandishing a huge knife and fork and already wearing a bib, presumably to catch the crumbs left behind from devouring your soul just by looking at him.

What makes the Ravenator worse, is that he was shrunk down to the microscopic level, so that he could enter Tommy Oliver (the Green/White Ranger) and force him to gorge himself on food. Once Tommy was able to finally resist the compulsion to eat, Ravenator grew to giant size where he was dispatched by the Shogun Megazord. Now excuse us, while we go throw up.


For an all powerful Moon Witch, Rita Repulsa isn’t above the odd workplace goof that we all succumb to from time to time. Then there was the time she accidentally created a monster out of a brick wall thanks to a badly aimed blast from her scepter... but to do that twice takes some serious bad luck.

That’s how Impursonator came to be, created from Pink Ranger Kat’s “ugly” purse. The trouble is, Impursonator doesn’t look much like a purse, but a gross, innuendo-filled pink bag that the designers really should have given more thought to before releasing into the wild. Despite her appearance, Impursonator was extremely powerful and resilient, and perhaps the strongest monster Rita Repulsa ever created. It’s not really one that you’d want to put on your resume, however, so maybe it’s best that Rita forget all about this one.


When you think of epic season finales, chances are the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers wouldn’t be high on your list, seeing as it was a fairly uneventful episode starring The Oysterizer, an oyster based monster who guards over the Pearls of Stillness. These pearls, when worn as earrings, cause all around them to be frozen, which seems like an oddly specific power.

The Oysterizer would be pretty forgetful if it weren’t for the almost obscene design of this monster, who’s clamshell head sat atop a bright orange/pink naked body, with two strange phallic protuberances coming out of its chest which, once seen cannot be unseen. Still, he’s one of the stronger monsters that the Powers Rangers face, taking the combined might of the Megazord and the Dragonzord to eventually bring him down.


Flashhead is pretty much every celebrity's worst nightmare, as he’s basically a sleazy paparazzi photographer that steals people whenever he takes their photo, capturing them in his film. He was a monster in Power Rangers: Turbo and, with his horrific large head and smile and what appears to naked, bulging legs, he casts quite a disturbing image.

What’s more disturbing, however, is when Flashhead is compared to his Sentai counterpart. Called FF Munchori in the Sentai show Gekisou Sentai Carranger, this monster didn’t capture people in his film, but had an altogether more sinister purpose. Working for the thuggish space gang Bowzock, FF Munchori was hired to take scandalous photos of the Carrangers in order to humiliate them, which suddenly makes him a lot creepier than your standard monster of the week.


Brandishing a huge tube of goo, Mr. Goorific seems aptly named. It turns out that this goo has the ability to turn humans into animals and animals into humans, something that Pink Ranger Cassie discovered when her beloved dog Jetson was turned into a human by this latest minion of Divatox.

His strange appearance makes him stand out from the crowd, as he looks like an old man with a tall bald head and a long grey beard, except he appears to be wearing a crop top, with an exposed belly button? He sort of looks like a Matador, except he’s brandishing a tube of magical goo rather than a red rag, and while he’s absolutely owning his look, he’s not someone you’d want running towards you covering you with goo.


As part of the first three episodes of Power Rangers: Turbo, the evil space pirate Divatox sends Amphibitor down to earth to fight the Rangers and seal the wormhole that Zordon and Alpha 5 are travelling through. At the start of this season it’s established that Zordon is able to be freed from his time-warp and return to his home planet through this wormhole, something Amphibitor is surprisingly good at until he’s destroyed by the Turbo Megazord.

On the surface of it, this bug-eyed monster wearing what can only be skintight jeans doesn’t seem that threatening, and his mission to close a wormhole is more sabotage than the usual smash and destroy agenda of Divatox’s monsters. However, the fact that he’s always holding a knife and fork and wishing to satisfy his large appetite by eating the Power Rangers makes him a decidedly creepy villain.


Looking like a death metal mascot that would give Napalm Death nightmares, Master Xandred hails from the Netherworld and leads a band of demonic Nighloks from his ship on the Sanzu River. He’s the primary villain of the Samurai and Super Samurai seasons and looks every bit as evil and demonic as his name suggests.

With powers like super strength, super speed, lightning beams and fireball blasts, Master Xandred is certainly the most powerful villain that the Samurai Rangers ever face, and one of the strongest in Power Rangers history. With six glowing yellow, spider-like eyes, sharp teeth and knife-like wings, Master Xandred looks every bit like a demonic Samurai raised from the pits of hell, and every bit as terrifying as any villain to every face the Power Rangers.


Octomos the Master was the biggest big bad of Power Rangers Mystic Force, and he commanded the Ten Terrors: a legion of powerful demonic monsters and his unholy servants. The Ten Terrors were led by Sculpin, a trident-wielding demon fish-man who picked up the task of destroying the Rangers when it became clear that Octomos couldn’t be resurrected.

Fiercely loyal to The Master, Sculpin took it upon himself to resurrect his dark Lord, succeeding in his quest, if only to be killed by fellow Ten Terrors member Itassis. Aside from wielding a vicious trident, his look is very similar to Master Xandred, with dark red and black coloring and evil yellow eyes. His exposed teeth and large fish-like head, however, give him a Lovecraftian air a lot like his master Octomos, making him seem a lot scarier than your standard kid’s show bad guy.


While Power Rangers: S.P.D (Space Patrol Delta) started off as one of the strongest seasons of the franchise, it fast became one of the weaker ones thanks to more than a few plot holes and some uninteresting characters. The skeletal Emperor Gruumm was the figurehead leader of the Troobian alien empire, and was one of the main antagonists of the season.

While it transpired that his power was just a front, and that the real leader of the Troobians was Omni the Magnificence, Gruumm was still a truly scary bad guy, with glowing red eyes and a presence not unlike Skeletor from Masters of the Universe. His vicious nature and relentless attitude towards death and conquest made him a disturbing presence on Power Rangers, only being destroyed by the S.W.A.T. Megazord in the two-part finale to the season.

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