EXCLUSIVE: Uncanny X-Men #5 Preview Fundamentally Changes the Marvel U

Something strange has arrived in the Marvel Universe. The recently rebooted Uncanny X-Men series has introduced readers to the Horsemen of Salvation, a collection of mutant villains and heroes under the command of X-Man, Nate Grey.

While Nate seemingly has the best of intentions (save the world from itself by any means necessary), he's not exactly going about it in a smart way. But who needs smarts when you've got the power of the gods, and that describes X-Man perfectly. The villain has already proven he has the power to shackle a being like Apocalypse and fundamentally change the material world at will, but a preview for Uncanny X-Men #5 proves X-Man is on a whole new level.

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The preview art reveal sees X-Man come to a new conclusion about how to best save the world thanks to Apocalypse, the worst advice-giver of all time. Apocalypse convinces X-Man that to truly save the world he must erase its presumption of holiness. So, that's exactly what X-Man does… by deleting organized religion worldwide.

Gone is the Vatican. Mecca in Saudi Arabia vanishes. Thiruvananthapuram in India? Oh yeah, that's gone. At the moment, it's unclear exactly what this will accomplish in regard to saving the world, but X-Man is kind of a crazy guy who's apparently willing to give just about anything a try. Regardless, it's clear that a major facet of human civilization has been erased in the blink of an eye, and that certainly won't pass without repercussions.

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