Uncanny X-Men Just Left Cyclops With a Life-Threatening Injury

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Uncanny X-Men #15 by Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX and VC's Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Cyclops may be freshly back from the dead, but the X-Men leader is already dealing with an injury that could find him buried once again, as well as drastically changing how he goes about using his mutant powers.

To make matters worse, the person responsible for the attack is his own granddaughter and a former member of the X-Men: Hope Summers.

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With the majority of the X-Men believed to be dead following their battle against Legion and X-Man, Cyclops and Wolverine's ragtag team of X-Men created a hit list of lingering threats that need to be dealt with. Uncanny X-Men #15 revealed their next target to be the Mutant Liberation Front, who count former X-Men Hope Summers and Banshee among their ranks. The two groups collided at a political rally for Ms. Prestel's race for the Senate, but the main confrontation took place between Cyclops, Wolverine, Hope and Banshee.

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An Eye For An Eye

Hope isn't dealing with Cable's death in Extermination very well, and has hooked up with the terrorist group Mutant Liberation Front. She has her sights set on assassinating Senate candidate Prestel, but the X-Men attempt to stop her. Hope believes she and Cyclops both failed Cable, who means a lot to both of them. At one point, Hope points her pistol at Cyclops, but you have to think she'd never really try and harm her grandfather.

However, Wolverine's attack via Magik's teleportation surprises Hope, causing her gun to go off and the bullet to connect directly with Cyclops' right eye.

Somehow, Cyclops is able to get back to his feet long enough to stop Wolverine from slicing Hope into a million pieces, though he does pass out quickly afterward. Six days later we see him wake up back in the X-Men's new hideout in the basement of the Harry's Hideway bar. Dark Beast, the first captive of the X-Men, has been tending to Cyclops' wound and reports everything is fine. With his right eye fully bandaged, Dark Beast tells Cyclops he now has something in common with the Cyclops creature from Greek mythology, as they both now only have one eyeball.

However, that is not the only new development for Cyclops. When he begins to threaten Dark Beast, the evil Hank McCoy informs Cyclops his skull is on the verge of exploding from the pressure of his optic blasts constantly firing. This originally wasn't an issue when Cyclops had two functioning eyes to release the pressure, but now with only one, the increase in focus and intensity is a major concern. If Cyclops continues to try and use his mutant abilities, he runs the risk of dying once again.

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Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen a one-eyed Cyclops in the Marvel Universe. The Age of Apocalypse alternate reality from the '90s also introduced a Scott Summers with one eye. This Cyclops lost his eye in a battle with that world's Wolverine, who also lost a hand in the skirmish, thanks to Cyclops' eye beams.

It will be interesting to see how the loss of an eye impacts Cyclops going forward. We don't expect him to slow down with his new mission of taking out the remaining X-Men threats, but he'll definitely have to be more cautious using his powers from now on.

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