"Uncanny X-Men" #7 Includes Two Returns, Teases A Third

This article contains spoilers for "Uncanny X-Men" #7, which is in stores now.

While Cullen Bunn's "Uncanny X-Men" run has embraced the current status quo and introduced a number of new ideas, the first six issues of the series have also included a few surprising nods to the X-Men's past. Not only has Archangel (or at least a version of Archangel) returned to his classic uniform, but long forgotten characters like Xorn and the Dark Riders played a major role Bunn and artist Greg Land's first arc. Today's "Uncanny X-Men" #7 by Bunn and artist Ken Lashley is no different.

The previous issue of "Uncanny" kicked off two storylines; one followed Magneto and Psylocke as they investigated the mystery surrounding Warren Worthington, and another saw Monet and Sabretooth meet up with Callisto under the streets of New York City. Both storylines develop in this issue, and include some familiar faces.

While the true connection between the Archangel predator drone and the wingless Warren Worthington has yet to be revealed, a face -- or rather skull -- popped up once more. Genocide, a skeleton surrounded by explosive radioactive plasma and encased in armor, appeared alongside the Clan Akkaba in a secret Apocalypse temple.

The character was last seen during Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna's "Uncanny Avengers" run back in 2013. If he looks familiar to fans of '90s X-Men, that's because his design and origin as the son of Apocalypse is a nod to the "Age of Apocalypse" character Holocaust.

Psylocke and Sabretooth's trip into the tunnels under Manhattan also included a few reveals, including the introduction of the New Morlocks -- a group of mutants that have fled underground to escape the Terrigen Mists. They've also been joined by humans that are equally scared of the events on the surface, and live alongside the mutants in harmony in the tunnels.

But something is plaguing the New Morlocks, and it's not the Terrigen Mists. Monet tries her best to diagnose the afflicted mutants and is surprised by what she finds.

The mutants appear to have been transformed into drones of Monet's brother, the energy-siphoning villain called Emplate. Emplate was introduced in 1994's "Generation X" #1 and acted as that team's primary antagonist. He sat unused from 1999 to 2009, only returning for a brief arc in "X-Men Legacy." If Emplate is really on the horizon, it'll be his first appearance in a comic in six years.

"Uncanny X-Men" #8 arrives in stores on June 15.

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