Uncanny X-Men #475 Review

It's interesting. While I enjoyed Ed Brubaker's first issue of Uncanny X-Men a good deal, I think it was definitely a step down from his debuts on Captain America and Daredevil, but I think that is more a matter of the title than it is a sign about his writing, as Uncanny X-Men has a LOT more baggage with it than either Cap or DD. However, now that the baggage is cleared away, I think we are in store for some excellent comic books in the upcoming months.

What I especially admire about Brubaker's scripts, at their best, is the way that each issue stands on its own, while clearly being part of a bigger story. So, for instance, in this issue - the team is gathered. Next issue, they steal a starship. The issue after that, something else will happen. The decompartmentalizing is a brilliant antidote to the "writing for the trade" syndrome. It allows for a clear "written for a trade" story while still keeping each issue filled with content. Beautiful idea.

The only drawback I would say is the need, from so many X-Titles, to toss in some exposition to set-up where these characters are coming from. While that was slightly awkward at times, for the most part, it is not a big deal, and this issue takes care of all of that, so future issues can deal just with the coolness.

The plot of the issue is that Professor Xavier is putting together a team of X-Men willing to go on a dangerous space mission with him to stop the Omega-powered mutant, Vulcan, from tearing apart the Shi'ar Empire. Xavier feels responsible since he, well, messed with Vulcan's head a bit awhile back. Brubaker does a great job examining why these particular X-Men make perfect sense for the mission.

I also like how Brubaker was able to write a cool story while still making all the little continuity nods. He fully followed the "Nostalgia/Importance Quotient" in this comic.

Billy Tan does a pretty good job. Nothing great, but it definitely gets the job done.

All in all, Recommended with the very slight reservations I mentioned earlier.

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