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Amazing art continues to cross my desk... or in this case, uncanny art! Below is page three from UNCANNY X-MEN #401, which happens to be Ron Garney's first issue as new penciler! Mark Morales provides the inks, while the fabulous folks at Hi-Fi Design delivered the cool colors.


Cover by Ron Garney

Joe Casey (p)/Ron Garney (p)/Mark Morals (i)

* THE SCOOP: The arrival of new ongoing penciler Ron Garney! Plus, it's 'Nuff Said month!

* THE STORY: No dialogue. No sound effects. No sonic scream. Nevertheless, Banshee is back! The question is, why are his current activities of great concern to the X-Men? What does he have to do with the strange abductions of some familiar X-foes? And if that weren't enough, the "extracurricular activities" of the newest member of the X-Men are quickly becoming a distraction, to say the least!

* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

On Sale December 5th


'Nuff Said!

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Marketing Communications Manager

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