Uncanny X-Force #3

"Uncanny X-Force" #3 from Sam Humphries and Ron Garney is a wild blast of a sequential ride with some intriguing elements and a great opening plot line. It's a rough act to follow Rick Remender's opus on the title but the new creative team has carved its own path while staying mostly true to the nature of the book. Humphries and Garney try new things, in an adult manner, and the results are pleasing.

There are enough cool ideas present for this book to continually intrigue. The concept of the team racing to save a mutant girl is a great spin on Remender's opening arc where the team came across a young mutant, but had a very different path to traverse. Humphries and Garney fill this book with beautiful fights as well as some more personal moments.

The book follows the old method of shaking up what a Marvel comic can do. The blocked out profanities are interesting in that they are a statement of intent. These black panels mean Humphries wants readers to know his characters swear and that they do so openly. There is something more confronting about the black panel as opposed to the old string of punctuation. As long as there isn't a misprint on the black, as happened in "All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder," it should be fine. This tone of the book is right, though so far this volume doesn't appear to be about it as much as Remender's run.

Ron Garney is a great artist for this book because his characters are mean and his storytelling is smooth. Scott Hanna's inks make everything crisp and the results are pages that are never confusing and carry the story superbly. The colors from Marte Gracia step up in some very key moments for exceptionally cool results. Psylocke's costume is amazing and exceptionally well thought out. At the end of the issue, there is a specific sequence that features the art stylings of Adrian Alphona, Christina Strain and Israel Gonzalez. This short sequence is definitely well done and yet doesn't differ greatly from the main pages to the point of being off-putting or confusing.

"Uncanny X-Force" #3 is another solid issue in this new run. Humphries and Garney make a great pairing to bring some very hard hitting mutants and battles to life. This book is building enough of a warped base that cool tales can be told for some time. Some of the characters might not be perfectly utilized, but this is still a very fun comic.

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