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Marvel Comics Uncanny Avengers series follows the exploits of the Unity Squad, a special team of Avengers designed to show the Marvel Universe that man, mutant, and inhuman can fight alongside each other and make the world a better place. What happens though when the person who brought the team together betrays the ideals they're founded upon? How do you move past that, refocus, and rebuild? The current Unity Squad members wrestled with the former question during Secret Empire where they discovered a Cosmic Cube-altered Steve Rogers had betrayed them and America by taking control of both Hydra and the country he was sworn to protect. Now that the event is over and Steve Rogers has been restored they're struggling with the latter question.

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In Uncanny Avengers #28 writer Jim Zub and artist Sean Izaakse kick off a new Marvel Legacy arc titled “Stars & Garters,” which will show how the team, with assistance from former Avengers Beast and Wonder Man, tackles that problem head on. CBR spoke with Zub about writing Beast and Wonder Man, how Johnny Storm's history with the FF will affect his role in the Unity Squad, the series quieter, emotional moments and the upcoming Avengers event, "No Surrender."

CBR: Jim, you're kicking off the Marvel Legacy era of Uncanny Avengers in issue #28 with a new arc titled "Stars & Garters," where you'll be exploring one of the Avengers most iconic friendships, the one between Beast and Wonder Man. What's it like writing these two characters together? What's your sense of how they've changed in recent years?

Jim Zub: Writing Beast and Wonder Man is a real thrill. Their friendship ranks right up there with Wolverine and Nightcrawler, or Power Man and Iron Fist for me.

Hank and Simon’s friendship has a playful honesty I really enjoy. I wanted to make sure I reflected that here in Uncanny Avengers. They’re silly, but beneath that silliness is humility and the ability to admit when they’ve screwed up. Hank and Simon are truthful with each other even when it hurts. They know when to joke and when to dig deep into the heart of a problem.

Art from Uncanny Avengers # 28 by Sean Izaakse and Tamra Bonvillain

Both of them have gone through really difficult times over the past few years. Wonder Man took a villainous turn for a bit, rejecting his role as an Avenger. Then, by the time he redeemed himself, he was absorbed by Rogue and was unable to escape until recently. Beast’s hubris led him down a path of snap decisions and missteps that he’s grappling with. They’re both looking for clarity and a better path.

Moving forward, will Wonder Man and Beast be a regular part of the Uncanny Avengers line-up?

They’re joining the cast of characters we’re dealing with in upcoming issues, but that doesn’t mean they’re jumping on the team just yet. Something else is coming up quickly that will shake things up for them and the other Avengers.

On the final page of Uncanny Avengers #27, a lawyer arrives to discuss the legacy of the Fantastic Four with Unity Squad member, Johnny Storm. How will that cliffhanger impact your book? With Marvel Two-In-One sending him and Ben Grimm on a search for his family, how big a role will Johnny play in future issues of Uncanny Avengers?

Johnny’s still here in the Uncanny Avengers, but that doesn’t mean he can walk away from his history with the FF. Dealing with that past and its ramifications gets covered a bit in my series, and more substantially in Two-In-One. Speaking of which, I’ve read the script for Marvel Two-In-One #1, and it’s the best script Chip Zdarsky has written so far at Marvel. There’s a real nice balance of action and emotion. I think people are going to love it.

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