10 Things Fans Should Know About Klaus Hargreeves From Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy has become a quick fan favorite Netflix show. While each character definitely has their own quirks, there is one character in particular that the internet has taken a liking to, and that is number four: Klaus Hargreeves.

Played by Robert Sheehan, Klaus is one of the seven adopted babies who was trained (quite brutally) to save the world. He has the ability to speak to the dead, but he often suppresses his powers (with good reason). The LGBT+ community immediately fell for him simply because of his non-gender confirming ways, and even more so when they got to see him fall in love with a man. He is a beloved character, not just for that, but for his tragic past, his quirkiness, and his hilarious one-liners.

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Already, Klaus was tortured as a child. His father locked him up in the tomb and forced him to deal with every dead ghost that he could possibly see, essentially driving Klaus half mad. This leads to a lifetime of various substance abuse. In the first episode of the show, we see him leaving rehab only to buy narcotics the moment he is released.

However, once he goes and returns from the war, his PTSD takes an even stronger turn. The meds kept him sedated as to not see the dead, but now his mind is plagued with the death of his love, and the trauma of war.


Klaus believes himself to be a screw-up, and honestly, for a long time, so do his siblings. However, the truth of the matter is that Klaus is actually trying his very best in all aspects of his life. He suffers greatly from the damage he has suffered throughout his childhood and his time in the war, resulting in a very damaged personality.

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From the very first moment that Five appears, when Luther and Diego get into a fight, Klaus' immediate reaction is to shield Five from the fight. There are constant moments throughout the show where he is trying his best, but it simply often goes unnoticed.


When Klaus is captured by Hazel and Cha-Cha, no one realizes he's gone. What is even worse is that prior to that, Klaus mentions that if he went missing his family would not care or notice. This is likely due to the fact that he is a substance abuser, and so his family is very used to having him go missing, but still, it's a terribly sad thought.

All the time that he was gone from his family, both before and during the show, he could have been dead, and his family wouldn't have known a thing about it. And before the end of season one, they might not have even cared.


There are some debates amongst fans on who actually deserves to be number one, and Klaus is part of that debate big time. While Luther is number one for his strength, fans wonder if it should be Vanya or Klaus.

While we haven't seen all of his powers yet, he can do more than just see and communicate with dead people. Spoiler alert: he has telekinesis, he can possess people, and he can also levitate. He just hasn't discovered his powers yet.


Robert Sheehan had some input on where he wanted his character to go. While the basic storyline of the character was already fleshed out, when Klaus was transported back into time during the war, a love story was discussed.

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Then the producers, writers, and Sheehan all agreed that the most beautiful, and most tragic thing to do was to allow Klaus to fall in love with a man. However, Sheehan is adamant that his character isn't defined only by his sexuality.


Despite the fact that Klaus often pretends he can't be bothered with anything, he actually often shows his love for his siblings the most.

Where Luther is barely considered sometimes, and Diego has his own missions, and everyone else is falling apart in their relationships, it is Klaus that is going out of his way to save his siblings, and is the one who speaks up for Vanya the most when Luther locks her away; in the same place Klaus was once locked up. Although he lost touch with his siblings, he loves them very much.


When Klaus was a young boy, he was sweet, charismatic, and vulnerable. In many ways, he is similar to the way we see him as an adult, at least in the charismatic way.

However, Sir Reginald treated Klaus differently than he did the other children. Although he never truly showed his children any real love, despite raising them as his own, he experimented on Klaus the most. This changed Klaus to his core. After being locked up to deal with his powers and seeing the dead, Klaus was forever traumatized, leading to a life of substance abuse.


Klaus already considers himself to be relatively useless as a human, and because of that he shows no concern for his body or what he does to it, and this is apart from the toxins he puts into his body. When he enlists to help Five, he smashes a snowglobe against his head without a second thought to scare the doctor, not at all minding the blood or injury.

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When he was captured, he continuously smashed his head hard against the wall in order to get people's attention, and while it made sense, it also made fans wonder how many times he had hurt himself to barely flinch from his self-inflicted injuries.


Klaus is aware of the fact that because he is a substance abuser, people think he is selfish, but he is actually the opposite. He repeatedly puts himself in harm's way for his family, but it is when he talks about Dave that we truly understand just how selfless Klaus is.

Klaus admits to Diego that he loved Dave more than he could have ever loved himself, and it is for that reason that Klaus actually begs to become sober so he could, in fact, see Dave.


Okay, so this last bit is more speculation, but with very good reason. In the show, it is mentioned that the dead always stays with the people who killed them.

Considering that, while it may not be that Klaus eliminated Ben purposely, it stands to reason that perhaps Ben is constantly by his side, not only because Klaus misses him, but because Klaus had a hand in Ben's death. We know that Ben died at a young age, so it is very possible that Klaus messed up during a mission, leading to Ben's death.

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