The Umbrella Academy Just Brought Back Its Biggest Villain

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #6 by Gerard Way, Gabriel Bá, Nick Filardi and Nate Piekos for Blambot, on sale now.

The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion, the third volume of the popular Dark Horse Comics series from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, is bringing back quite a few threads from the first chapter, Apocalypse Suite.

We're seeing the likes of Abhijat, Sir Reginald Hargreeves' bodyguard, return to help the family of superheroes reconnect with their destiny, and other little threads from the past being woven together to hint that maybe the corruption of Vanya wasn't the apocalypse they were meant to avert. It seems there was something even more dire beyond the horizon, and this becomes even clearer in Issue #6 with the return of the team's biggest villain: Dr. Terminal.

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We haven't seen Dr. Terminal since Issue #3 of Apocalypse Suite, where he showed how sadistic he was, proving why he's considered the Joker to Reginald's Batman. There, he captured Allison (the Rumor) for a torture session that's never really been bested in the books since. Terminal was born with Eisenstein Syndrome, a disease that ate away at his brain. However, he found a way around this, as he was retrofitted with a device that consumed matter and fed the disease, thus prolonging his life.

The problem was, he was constantly hungry and ate everyone, from the hospital staff who tried to help him in the experimental facilities to the prison officers that tried to keep him at bay when he lost his mind and turned outright evil. Going berserk like this led to Terminal eventually kidnapping Allison and eating her hand in this horrific scene, all before Luther (Spaceboy) saved his sibling and the team took Terminal down.

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After all these years, we now find out he was hidden away in a pocket dimension in outer space, inside a prison called the Hotel Oblivion. There, the inmates would either go mad and try to kill each other or themselves, but not Terminal. He was patient, plotting revenge on Reginald's family, and he now has the opportunity thanks to the Perseus Corporation and its shady owner, Mr. Perseus.

Perseus has come to free his father, only to find him dead. Instead, he decides that, after building a copy of Reginald's Televator (an inter-dimensional elevator), he can actually transcend what his villainous dad was as Perseus IX to become a hero, Perseus X.

That's why he opts to release all the Hotel Oblivion inmates, teleporting them to the Academy's city, where they begin to wreak havoc. Perseus' big plan is to take his father's gear -- a Medusa-like war machine -- save the day, become a hero and show up Reginald's children.

But he didn't count on Terminal being the monster he is. Terminal (who literally rocks a helmet and looks like Marvel's Galactus) begins consuming everything he encounters, from people to animals to buildings, growing in size as he does so. He's literally as tall as a skyscraper when he starts devouring the entire city, not even needing the army of drones he used in Apocalypse Suite called the Terminauts. This time, it's utter chaos and destruction, and, much like Perseus, the Academy is dumbfounded, as they've never faced someone of this magnitude, literally and figuratively.

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Terminal's return was foreshadowed in the first volume, as he did warn Allison in their first encounter that he'd come back for her in the future, as she wasn't ready just yet to be his meal. Now, it seems the time has come. What's even more telling is the Academy is pretty ticked off because Reginald and Terminal went at it numerous times, yet their dad never saw fit to kill him. Well, it seems that plan for forgiveness and salvation has gone up in flames, and Terminal is back to fulfill his promise and feast to his heart's delight until there's nothing left.

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