Umbrella Academy: 10 Things About Diego Hargreeves You Need to Know

Umbrella Academy - Diego with his knives

The Umbrella Academy focuses on a group of siblings thrust together into a world of superpowers. Based on the Dark Horse comic book created by Gerard Way, this Netflix series has risen in popularity and become one of the most talked about series on the streaming service.

The story goes like this: On October 1, 43 women around the world gave birth at the same time. These women had not known or shown signs that they were pregnant. Of those 43 babies born, seven were adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves and trained to be the tiny vigilantes that make up the Umbrella Academy. The children were numbered from one to seven, and given a name as an afterthought by the robot designed to be their mother. Number Two in the line of siblings is Diego Hargreeves.

Diego Hargreeves is the broody, mysterious sibling in the Umbrella Academy. He's not the deadliest or the smartest, but he's definitely a force in the family. Diego is one of the children who left the academy and went out on his own to separate himself from the family image. When the show begins, he is living in a boxing club in exchange for working there from time to time. He's also reluctant to have anything to do with the death of his father. Altogether, he's one of the most interesting characters and worth taking a deeper look at.

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Umbrella Academy - Diego
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Umbrella Academy - Diego

This isn't a secret. It's how he met his ex-girlfriend, Detective Patch. And it's also how he transitioned into being a vigilante hiding in the shadows long after the Umbrella Academy disbanded. The show never really reveals the real reason as to why Diego was kicked out, but we can only assume it had something to do with his rage issues and being hard-headed.

It's mentioned many times that Diego doesn't really like doing things by the book. He would rather sneak around like a vigilante instead of doing things according to the law and how the police do them. So, it's safe to assume he didn't really mesh with police training.


Umbrella Academy - Diego

He does live in a boxing club, so he has that advantage. But before that, Diego made sure that his powers and capabilities were more than just throwing things. In order to ensure he was a complete fighting machine, he made sure that he was trained in a variety of martial arts and physical combat techniques.

That's why he can go up against Luther and still pose a challenge to him. He doesn't really look that massive, especially compared to Luther. However, he has the discipline and training to be a total threat in melee combat to all of his enemies.


Umbrella Academy as children

As a young boy, Diego had a few speaking issues. One of his biggest was stuttering. They caused him a great deal of pain because they seemed to keep impacting his life. Grace helped him get through those issues and always told him to picture the word in his head. This was a huge help for him and was a big factor in his overcoming his stutter.

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As a result, Diego has a very special and close bond with her. She seemed to be the only one that he really trusted. In fact, it's arguable that Diego cares the most about Grace out of all of his siblings, and he's the most visibly upset when she dies. He even starts to stutter again after her death.


Umbrella Academy - Diego on the porch

Diego is still resentful of their father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, for the way that he treated the children when they were young. It's no secret that he felt abandoned and mistreated. He's also resentful and angry toward Vanya because he doesn't approve of her book.

This relationship between Vanya and Diego is one of the tensest and strained relationships on the entire show. Despite the fact that he is committed to fighting for justice, he still holds grudges and resentments against the people who he believes have wronged him. Just take a look at his dedication to going after Cha-Cha and Hazel for killing Detective Patch.


Umbrella Academy - Diego with his knives

You may have noticed that Diego is really, really good at throwing things. He's able to manipulate the trajectory of objects as they're thrown through the air. That's why his knives never miss.

It comes in really handy when he has to beat his enemies from afar. However, it's also been used against him in the past. It's easy to blame someone who is known for throwing knives when there are stabbings occurring. So, he gets mixed up on the wrong side of the law a lot and needs to be more careful.


Umbrella Academy - Diego smiling

Diego does have a secondary power in addition to his ability to manipulate thrown objects. He is able to hold his breath for as long as he wants. However, this power hasn't really been all that useful so far. In the comics, he's known as "The Kraken," but they haven't really explored any of his underwater abilities in the show as of yet.

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There is always a chance this will become more prominent in the second season, but you never know. He really has the potential to be some kind of alternate type of underseas vigilante killer (kind of like a certain other DC comic book hero we know).


Umbrella Academy - Diego and Luther

Since Luther is the leader of the group and Number One, he and Diego have always been a little bit at odds. Diego resents Luther because he's always second to him. He is Number Two to Luther's Number One. This has sparked a lot of his resentment and has created a competitive streak within him. Diego thinks that he should be the leader, even know as they band together to fight Vanya's apocalypse.

In a Facebook post, the show's creator Gerard Way admitted that it was Diego's resentment toward Luther that pushed him to become better. So, in a way, Diego can thank Luther for being his inspiration. That's at least something.

3 Concrete Info About Relationship Detective Patch

Umbrella Academy - Diego and Detective Patch

We don't really know that much about his connection with Detective Patch and the past that they have together. But we do know that he genuinely cared for her. She seems to have genuinely cared for him as well but knew that being with him would be a conflict with her job as a police detective.

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They don't really say much about why they broke up but that's the only thing they really mention. Sadly, Diego's chances of reuniting with her are ruined since Cha-Cha and Hazel killed her. This is also something Deigo kind of blames himself for because she was killed while taking a page out of his book and "going rogue" instead of sticking with the rules.


Umbrella Academy - Klaus, Diego, and Luther

You can tell that Diego really does love his brother, Klaus, and worries about him and his drug addiction. He tolerates him even though he clearly gets annoyed. Diego is someone who treats his own body like a temple, ensuring that he doesn't corrupt it with alcohol or drugs.

It's part of his pristine martial arts training and his dedication to living the vigilante life. Therefore, he has an urge in him to protect Klaus from the destruction he's causing to his own body. They shared some really precious brother-to-brother moments in this first season, so we're really excited to see where the next season takes them.


Diego is technically the one who kills their mother. While the rest of the group believes that she was a victim of the assault by Cha-Cha and Hazel, it was actually Deigo that "turned her off" because it was time.

It was a mercy killing, though, and if anyone was going to do it, Diego was the best option because of her close relationship with him. Clearly, it hurt him to make that choice. However, someone had to do it. We're not sure at this point if the other characters have figured out it was him. But this could be something that comes into play in future seasons.

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