Thor, Breaking Bad Alums Board Umbrella Academy Netflix Series

Netflix's upcoming adaptation of The Umbrella Academy is rounding out its already impressive cast with notable names from acclaimed projects like Thor, Breaking Bad and Mindhunter.

Co-created by My Chemical Romance frontman and DC's Young Animal curator Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy comic book first premiered back in 2007 and went on to win the prestigious 2008 Eisner Award for Best Finite Series/Limited Series. After the success of the first run, there was a follow-up series, with a third slated for this year. Although The Umbrella Academy was once rumored for a theatrical release, Netflix is now moving forward with a TV adaptation for 2018 in a partnership with Dark Horse Entertainment.

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We already knew that The Umbrella Academy would star the likes of Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige, but the show has now completed its roster of stars. According to Deadline, The Umbrella Academy will also star Mindhunter's Cameron Britton, Thor's Colm Feore and Breaking Bad's Adam Godley as series regulars, while Revenge's Ashley Madekwe will recur.

Focussing on a team of superpowered orphans adopted by an eccentric billionaire, The Umbrella Academy will follow the kids as they come to terms with their abilities and fight to save the world. Breaking down the roles in more details, Feore will play Sir Reginald Hargreeves the Howard Hughes-esque man who takes the children in. Elsewhere, Godley will put on a motion-capture suit to play the character Pogo. For those who have read the comics, Pogo is a genetically-engineered Chimpanzee and Hargreaves' trusted aide. Beloved by the children, Pogo often takes care of the team in an attempt to keep them together.

Britton is set to play a ruthless hit-man called Hazel, who is tasked with traveling through time to take out targets in different decades while working for a shadowy organization. Finally, Madekwe will portray Detective Patch. As an up-and-coming member of the city's police department, Patch is set to butt heads with at least one of the Academy due to her stance on vigilante justice.

Feore is best-known as the king of the Frost Giants in Kenneth Branagh's Thor, Britton played Ed Kemper on Mindhunter, Godley recurred as Elliot on Breaking Bad and Madekwe portrayed Ashley Davenport on Revenge. As for The Umbrella Academy, filming is currently underway in Ohio ahead of release later this year. Known for his work on Fargo and Altered Carbon, Steve Blackman will serve as showrunner, while Gerard Way himself is attached as executive producer.

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