Ultron Revealed! Iron Man #48 cover preview

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[Iron Man #48]Hey, True Believer!

For the last year we've been trying our best to keep secrets so that your reading experienced isn't - as they say - "spoiled." Take, for instance, the shock that awaited us on the very last page of Iron Man #47. Little did we all know that writer Frank Tieri was about to unleash the mother of all robots, Ultron, on our unsuspecting Armored Avenger. But when you think about it, it only had to be a matter of time before these two metal marvels became arch-enemies.

Anyway, Iron Man #47 is finally on the stands and the cats been let out of the bag. So now we are free to show you the cover of Iron Man #48 (by the team of penciler Keron Grant, inker Rob Stull, and colorists UDON), which reveals the secret in all its gory glory... because Ultron's head is now on Iron Man's body! Pretty creepy, huh?

Iron Man #48, the final chapter of "The Frankenstein Syndrome," zooms into comic book shops on November 14th!

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