Ultron is totally over it in new "Avengers"/ "Office" mashup video

Ultron is so tired of the Black Eyed Peas.

James Spader brought memorable charisma and flair to his performance as Tony Stark's bastard brainchild in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," marking one of the few times a Marvel-movie villain has rivaled the magnetism of Tom Hiddleston's Loki. In the film, Ultron displayed a natural, if extreme, extension of the put-upon condescension periodically flashed by Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, who was responsible for bringing the killer robot to life (with help from Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner). In a movie sprawling with subplots and action sequences and seeds planted for MCU stories to come, Spader's snug fit within the role, which was both menacing and comical, stood out.

But if you thought Ultron was grating and condescending before, wait til you hear how he sounds when his lines are replaced by those of another James Spader role—Dunder Mifflin CEO Robert California.

This week, the industrious folks of Red Letter Media debuted "Ultron California," an "Avengers"/ "The Office" mashup that lifts some of the most outlandish soliloquies from Spader's time in replacement of Steve Carrell's Michael Scott, runs them through a tinny voice manipulator to achieve that perfectly inhuman register, and reinserts the dialogue into key "Age of Ultron" scenes to play against the rest of the original cast's preserved performances. The result is notable not because it's amusing to consider a genocidal automaton pained by the tedium of the paper industry, but because it is so very imaginable that Ultron would see "Sesame Street"'s Elmo as an evidence of the younger generation's inescapable self-absorption.

When it comes to his will.i.am and Fergie fatigue, Ultron California explains, "It's rock and roll for people who don't like rock and roll. It's rap for people who don't like rap. It's pop for people who don't like pop!"

In the video, those prove to be fighting words for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But even a broken robot might be right a couple times a day.

Check out the video above, and leave your favorite quotes from "Ultron California" in the comments.

(h/t io9)

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