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Ultimates #12 Brings The New Universe To The Marvel Universe

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Ultimates #12 Brings The New Universe To The Marvel Universe

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for “Ultimates” #12, which is on sale now.

Because of the cataclysmic events of “Civil War II,” Marvel’s team of heavy-hitters at the heart of “The Ultimates” has been torn apart. Captain Marvel’s mission of predictive justice put her on the outs with both Ms. America and Black Panther, and the Wakandan king put Carol Danvers on blast in this week’s “Civil War II” #6. That public blowup did what no supervillain could during the entire run of “Ultimates” — it broke up the team.

That’s where Al Ewing and Christian Ward’s “Ultimates” #12, the final issue of this iteration of the series, comes in. The issue features the team’s slow dissolution, from the White House cutting all ties to the Ultimates initiative to an icy interaction between Carol and T’Challa to Spectrum and Blue Marvel racing off to be freelance super scientists. And while Captain Marvel did her part to make amends with America Chavez following their dust up in previous issues, things still don’t look so great for the continuation of this team.

And that doesn’t go unnoticed by Philip Nelson Vogt, an agent working on behalf of the NSA to quietly monitor the Ultimates’ actions and assess their larger threat levels. This guy’s been making subtle moves over the back half of the “Ultimates” run, and issue #12 teases his next major play: putting his Troubleshooters squad into action. But who are the Troubleshooters? They’re familiar faces, so long as you’re familiar with the New Universe. Yes, that New Universe, as in the line of New Universe comics that Marvel published in the mid-to-late ’80s. “Ultimates” has stealthily introduced Marvel Universe counterparts for five New Universe characters.

But let’s back up a bit, because writer Al Ewing has been slowly working this team into the Marvel U. “Ultimates” #9 introduced Colonel Terry Jessup, an agent composed of living psi-energy specializing in reconnaissance. Terry is the counterpart of the New Universe’s Tyrone Jessup, who appeared regularly in the ’80s series “Psi-Force.”


“Ultimates” #9 interior art by Djibril Morissette and Dan Brown

A month later in “Ultimates” #10, Ewing introduced Kathy Ling, the Marvel version of the “Psi-Force” character of the same name. Like Tyrone/Terry, Kathy also regularly appeared in the ’80s New Universe series.


“Ultimates” #10 interior art by Djibril Morissette and Dan Brown

And now, the finale of “Ultimates” #12 brings Agent Vogt’s team all together, rounding out the squad with three more New Universe characters.


“Ultimates” #12 interior art by Christian Ward

Joining Agents Jessup and Ling are:

  • Lt. Col. Jim Tensen, counterpart of John Tensen a.k.a. Justice. A powerful energy manipulator, Justice starred in his own ongoing series titled “Justice” under the New Universe banner.
  • Lt. Col. Dionne McQuaid, counterpart of the New Universe’s Indigo. She was a recurring character in the series “DP7” and used her ability to create light constructs to help her in hand to hand combat.
  • Simon Rodstvow, counterpart of the powerful New Universe villain that frequently clashed with Psi-Force.

For the most part, these are all characters that haven’t seen since the New Universe folded in the late ’80s, and none of them had counterparts in the Marvel Universe until Al Ewing’s “Ultimates” run. What the Troubleshooters will get up to remains unknown, but the end of the issue positions them as the government’s new secret team of supers. Ewing’s Ultimates epic will continue when a new series, “Ultimates²,” launches next month.

“Ultimates²” #1 arrives in stores on November 23.

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