Ultimate Wolverine's New Powers and Name, Explained

The Last Of The Poisons

With the last Poison bonded with Jimmy, our hero started suffering memory flashbacks to events from his past in the Ultimate Universe, along with the memories of his Poison as well. This flood of information overwhelmed Jimmy, sending him off on his own and allowing the Poison to gain further control of their union. An altercation in a bar led to our first glimpse of Jimmy's new powers, which mixes the symbiote's ability to stretch itself with Jimmy's claws to create long, razor-sharp tendrils that can expand with only a thought.

Having six metal claws that come out of your wrists makes you a deadly opponent, but to then add the ability to strike an enemy from long-range instead of in close-combat means Jimmy and the Poison can do their damage without taking one blow. Though it's not displayed, it is likely Jimmy and the Poison share some of the same powers as Venom, with shapeshifting, turning invisible, sticking to walls and producing web fluid as a few examples.

Under the control of his Poison, Jimmy squared off against his X-Men teammates, who desperately tried to help their friend remember his good qualities. One of the visions Jimmy would go on to see featured the X-Men and other Marvel heroes lying dead among an army of Poisons, which did nothing to alleviate Jimmy's fears of what could happen in the future if he stayed with the team. The only person who could get through to Jimmy was Jean, who had her own history with the Poisons and was successful in breaking their grip.

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A scene of Iceman and Bloodstorm attacking Jimmy revealed the new name that the former X-Man would adopt, sticking to the symbiote's alien roots and choosing "Poison." The name is an obvious reference to the parasite living in his body, and to the fact the Poison is the last of its race. The Jimmy-Poison confirms this verbally as well, calling himself "the last of the Poisons."

Marvel teased Jimmy's new identity in the solicitation for X-Men Blue #30, but the big moment actually occurred in Issue #29, right before Daken emerged to assassinate his "brother." Daken failed in his mission, but the newly-named Poison still left the X-Men to readjust to his new status quo while hoping to not become a killing machine. After Daken came up with Gabby's new superhero name, Honey Badger, in All-New Wolverine #28, it is a shame he didn't play a role in brainstorming Jimmy's new codename. Daken as the "King of the Nicknames" for Wolverine's extended family could have made for a pretty entertaining running joke through different X-men titles.

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Jimmy Hudson is now a full-fledged Poison, but his story will more than likely not end here. Though Marvel's September 2018 solicitations has X-Men Blue coming to an end, that doesn't mean another writer won't pick up the Poison story. Bunn himself also looms as a candidate to continue pushing the Poison narrative in his future Marvel projects.

When Jimmy exited X-Men Blue #30, it was still up in the air whether he or the Poison would come out as the dominant personality. If he decides to be a good guy, Poison can return to the X-Men. However, if the symbiote claims full control, then the X-Men will have another lethal enemy on their hands.

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