Ultimate Wolverine's New Powers and Name, Explained

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for X-Men Blue #29 and 30, by Cullen Bunn, Nathan Stockman, Matt Milla and Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Writer Cullen Bunn shocked readers of X-Men Blue when he introduced Jimmy Hudson, formerly of the Ultimate Universe, as the newest member of the team. The addition of the the X-Man from the then-defunct universe shook up the team roster, which at the time consisted solely of the younger, time-displaced X-Men -- Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Beast and Iceman.

Jimmy's presence in the Marvel Prime Universe was a result of the 2015 mega-event, Secret Wars, which also brought the Ultimate Universe Reavers in as mercenaries for Miss Sinister and her evil plans of spreading the Mothervine virus across the globe. Though Jimmy spent part of X-Men Blue trying to fit in with the team and find himself, his character experienced some unexpected growth in another of Bunn's titles, the weekly Venomverse series.

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The Venom-centric event introduced the symbiote-eating Poisons and teamed Eddie Brock with the X-Men, which is where the changes to Jimmy began. The Poisons are symbiote in nature, but they gain their power by bonding symbiotes to superpowered hosts and then feeding on the new union to make themselves stronger.

"Poison-X" was a crossover between Venom/X-Men Blue and took place before Venomized, and sent the X-Men and Venom into space to battle the Poisons. Jean Grey became a casualty of that war, with the Poisons claiming the young telepath as their newest member before they landed on Earth. Venomized saw many of Marvel's heroes like Punisher, Spider-Man, Nova, Thor (Jane Foster), Devil Dinosaur and Jimmy Hudson turn into symbiote-charged Venoms, with some even transitioning into Poisons. However, through the power of Jean's telepathic mind, she was able to sever the Poisons' hive mind and wipe out their entire species.

One slippery Poison managed to survive Jean's attack on the hive mind, and its the alien that also happened to bond with Jimmy. The final pages of Venomized #5 teased this development, showing a Wolverine-like figure emerging from the bushes with the unmistakable white coloring of a Poison on his body. With so many Marvel characters either becoming Venoms or Poisons, readers can be forgiven if it slipped their minds as Jimmy was never seen again after he was shown as a Poison.

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At this point, the timeline begins to get tricky because Jimmy fought alongside the younger X-Men in Venomized, but X-Men Blue #23-28 had the time-travelers still stuck in space, and Jimmy not bonded with the alien predator. Regardless, the Ultimate Wolverine-Poison plot thread was finally picked up in "The Search for Jimmy Hudson," along with the introduction of his new codename and powers.

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