'Ultimate Spider-Man Special' line-up revealed

[Ultimate Spider-Man]"Ultimate Spider-Man" writer Brian Bendis announced on his message board today the creator line-up on the upcoming "Ultimate Spider-Man Special" from Marvel Comics. USM will be going on hiatus for a month in favor of the Special, which Bendis says has been in development for six months.

"This self-contained story reveals Spider-Man's young and naive look at his place in the complicated world of the Ultimate Marvel Universe," wrote Bendis on his forum, "after what could only be described as a couple of really bad team-ups, Spidey really doubts whether he should be doing it at this time. It all comes together in the form of an illustrated essay he writes for class about power and responsibility."

Bendis has been working with Ultimate editor Ralph Machio to assemble an all-star cast of artists to contribute to to this book, featuring indy creators and comic book legends. All of the stories will tie together "into one of the biggest stories I have ever written" said Bendis.

The following is a list of the creators Bendis announced. More names will be added to this list in the future, while many will remain a secret until publication date.

  • Ultimate Marvel Jam Cover - Michael Golden
  • Blade - Dan Brereton ("Nocturnals")
  • Elektra - Frank Cho ("Liberty Meadows")
  • Peter and Mary Jane - John Romita Sr.
  • Fantastic four - Jason Lutes ("Berlin")
  • Human Torch - Sean Phillips
  • Daredevil – Scott Morse ("Magic Pickle")
  • Captain America - Mike Avon Oeming
  • Wolverine - David Mack
  • Dr. Strange - P. Craig Russell
  • Fantastic Four - Dave Gibbons

Bendis added there will also be "surprises" from Zander Cannon, Ashley Wood, Leonard Kirk, Craig Thompson, Jacen Burrows, Steve Rude, Brett Weldele, Jason Pearson, Matt Wagner, and Jim Mafhood.

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