Ultimate Craig Thompson/Fábio Moon team-up!

Let's get ready to drrrrrrrrrrrrrrraw comics! In one corner: Craig Thompson, author of Blankets and currently god knows how many hundreds of pages deep into his upcoming fantasy epic Habibi. In the other corner: Fábio Moon, one half of a Brazilian brother act with fellow cartoonist and Daytrippers collaborator Gabriel Bá. Witness the pulse-pounding power of these two extraordinary artists combined in "Blog War," a collaborative document of Moon's visit to Thompson's home turf in Portland currently told in words and pictures and spread across the pair's respective blogs: part one, part two, part three part four, part five. From photos of Craig with his shirt off to drawings of Fábio in a speedo to an all-star wine-bar meet-up including Thompson, Moon, Dark Horse's Sierra Hahn, Laura and Mike Allred, and Joe Sacco, it is indeed "the crossover event of the summer."

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