Ultimate Avengers, Underdog, Batman vs. Superman, My Super Ex-Girlfriend: July 6th Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has an early look at the DVD menus for the upcoming animated feature.


According to Moviehole, James Belushi and Patrick Warburton have joined the cast of DisneyÕs cartoon adaptation. Belushi will allegedly be acting in the film, while Warburton will voice "the flick."


Simply Scripts has a PDF file of the unused screenplay for the team-up film. It's ... interesting.


UK MSN has posted the international trailer for the Uma-fueled comedy (Windows Media only), showing more footage than available in the US version.


TV Guide interviewed writer/director David Goyer, who discussed not only the Daywalker, but working on The Fastest Man Alive and the Dark Knight Detective for the competition. He implied that a "Nightstalkers" feature wasn't out of the question, that the first draft of "The Flash" script has been turned in, and everybody's still talking about a sequel with Bale and Nolan, but nobody's done anything while they're still working on "The Prestige."


All the best rumors are coming from Australia, as Moviehole's Gossip Monkey claims that "George of the Jungle" actor Chris Showerman hasn't thrown away his hopes for climbing atop an armored green tiger, with Adam Rifkin on scripting duties. Allegedly, John Woo never planned to direct, but merely to produce.


Kryptonsite has the titles of next season's second and third episodes on their spoilers page.


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