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Ultimate Avengers, Ultra, Justice League, Art School Confidential: January 26th Comic Reel Wrap

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Ultimate Avengers, Ultra, Justice League, Art School Confidential: January 26th Comic Reel Wrap


IGN’s FilmForce has a new trailer for the direct-to-DVD animated feature, available in both Windows Media and glorious QuickTime formats.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, “CBS has ordered the drama pilot ‘Ultra,’ based on the comic book series of the same name … ‘Joan of Arcadia’ creator Barbara Hall wrote the script.”


Comics Continuum says “Originally targeted for late spring/early summer, new episodes of ‘Justice League Unlimited’ will now air beginning in February on Cartoon Network. The first new episode will air Saturday, Feb. 11 at 10:30 p.m. Nine new episodes, Nos. 31-39 of JLU, are expected.”


The Hollywood Reporter also has an early review of the Daniel Clowes adaptation.


Comics2Film has a new article with Platinum Studios head Scott Rosenberg, who discussed the two Top Cow properties, including finding Kevin Taft to pen the script for the religious-themed “Magdalena.” “What we like a lot is she starts as a normal girl and has no idea what she’s in for,” Rosenberg said. “She’s a normal girl right off the street and stuff happens to her and her friend. Her first motivation is to help her friend. She slowly gets drawn into things.”


If that image of a Guy Fawkes mask creeps you out, imagine how scary it’d be on a really huge screen? Wonder no more — Superhero Hype has a press release saying that the film will be simultaneously released to IMAX and conventional theaters on March 17, 2006. “We’re excited to give fans the opportunity to experience ‘V For Vendetta’ in IMAX’s spectacular format,” said producer Joel Silver. “The clarity and immersive quality of The IMAX Experience adds a dynamic dimension to the film’s powerful visuals, breathtaking action and multi-layered storytelling.”


IESB has an interview with Fox Film Group president Tom Rothman, who discusses the future of Marvel’s merry mutants, as well as Marvel’s first family and two extraterrestrial races we know and fear. “You’ll see more of the X-Men world,” Rothman said. “You know, we’re developing a Wolverine movie right now, we’re developing a Magneto picture. What I will say is, I’m gonna give an Alan Greenspan type answer but it’s the truth which is, which I am sure will parse endlessly, this movie which I can tell you now the official title, if you like you can break that story, is ‘X-Men: The Last Stand,’ it’s is the conclusion of this trilogy. These three movies work as a trilogy. These characters in this relationship, it’s the culmination of that saga. It’s the culmination and the resolution of those relationships laid out in the first two movies. That doesn’t mean never, I would ever say never again but I will say that this brings that saga to an end. It’s quite the way the last Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, brought that trilogy to a conclusion in terms of those characters, that’s what this movie does. It goes all the way back to the first one and rounds off and completes that three part story.”


Writer Marv Wolfman talks about the novelization of the Brandon Routh-fueled film both on his blog for January 24th and to Publisher’s Weekly. “For ‘Superman Returns,’ I’m taking a movie script and fleshing it out,” Wolfman said. “I can’t change anything major, although I can, and did, add scenes that talk more about the characters and some of the situations. In fact, I was asked to do that by the movie writers as well as by Bryan Singer, the director. I think the trick with movie novelizations is to make the reader think the movie was adapted from the book and not the other way around. That way the book has its own reason to exist.”


Here’s where you get in on the action. Did you see a link we didn’t catch? Have you snuck into a closed movie set, and have inside data? Maybe your cousin is dating somebody who knows something, and they had to tell you? Whatever it is, we wanna know it all — fire off an email and let us know whether you want your name used or your contributions to geekdom to go down anonymously. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is novelist/reviewer/karaoke host/all-around lunatic Hannibal Tabu saying thanks for your time and indulgence, and [tagline sent back to development hell until something hipper can be dreamed up].

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