Ultimate Avengers, Brodie's Law, Asterix, Smallville: November 30th Comic Reel Wrap


Comics Continuum has an interview with voice actor Justin Gross, who brings life to Ultimate Captain America, despite not really knowing the character. "I had read old comic books and read a 'history' of the character at one time," Gross said. "It was part of a class I took on American Culture. But I didn't have an in-depth knowledge of the character from being a 'fan' of the comic series. I had some time with the script before we did the recordings," he said. "I studied the script and sort of fell in love with the story. It's a very nice script, very theatrical, not typical 'cartoon' fare at all."


Comics2Film has a story featuring co-creator Daley Osiyemi, discussing adaptation plans. we only had the first issue out but they saw the potential for a movie straight away and we signed up with them to develop the movie soon after," Osiyemi said. "They later brought in film director Renny Harlin, who was just as thrilled as we all were about a movie version of the graphic novel. We have all become good friends and share the same vision for the movie as David and I did." The screenplay has not yet been finalized, nor has any casting been done.


According to Sify, French filmmaker Alain Chabat will not be a part of the next film in the Asterix series.


Actor Dean Cain talked to TV Guide about the hit WB series and all things Kryptonian. "I don't feel like I would be going backwards in my career [if I did the show]," he said. Rather, his big worry would be the age difference between him and the college-age Lois (Erica Durance). "I certainly don't want to come back on a Superman-themed show and become a pedophile." Okay, eww ...


The Sci Fi Channel has launched the official website for the Event Comics adaptation.


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