Ultimate Avengers, Aquaman, Spider-Man 3, Conan: February 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has what they claim is an exclusive movie clip from the direct-to-DVD feature, available only in Windows Media format.


According to the gang over at the gang from Kryptonsite, the proposed Aquaman-based TV show allegedly has a title: Tempest Key, a place where there is a marine institute and a Coast Guard station.


Big rumors keep swirling around the web-spinning sequel. There's been some spoiler-heavy chatter claiming Grace is not Venom, but Venom is set up for 'SP4' in this movie. Topher Grace is playing Electro. Yes, Electro, not Venom.

Also, LoveTripper has a note about a Los Angeles landmark being used in the film. When comic book fans line up to see Tobey Maguire portray web-slinger Peter Parker in the upcoming third installment of the 'Spider-man' franchise they will notice Alexandria Hotel as one of the movie's filming locales. Scenes were recently shot at this turn-of-the century Los Angeles landmark, which is rumored to harbor the spirit of the 'lady in black.'


The gang's all here -- Variety (subscription required) is reporting that Paradox Entertainment, which owns literary rights to Robert E. Howard's Conan character, has purchased the rest of the pulp-fiction writer's library, some 800 other literary properties. Among the characters Paradox now controls are Kull, Bran Mak Morn, Solomon Kane and Red Sonya. Howard published most of his stories in pulp magazines including Weird Tales, Spicy Adventure and Strange Detective in the 1920s and 1930s.


Superhero Hype had a chance to talk to actor Frank Langella who plays Perry White and discussed his time working on the film. I found the kids in Superman to be a wonderful unspoiled bunch of talented young actors, Langella said. They started out by calling me 'Mr. Langella,' then by end of first week we were all friends. Bryan Singer is like a child in a candy store. He would often take me around to other sets for the film and show me the toys, gadgets, many miniaturized sets. He adores that world and it was fun to be a part of it, be in a film like that.

In sadder news, the Superman Homepage is reporting that Animator Myron Waldman, who in his long career originated Betty Boop's sidekick, helped create two Oscar-nominated cartoons and put Superman and Raggedy Ann on the screen, has died at 97.


There's even more from dystopian England, with new photos of a Norsefire rally, more VR tours in glorious QuickTime and more storyboards from the film.


The Salt Lake Tribune has an article about a charity auction which includes a private tour of the X-Men 3 set as a prize.


World's Finest reports that Teen Titans: The Complete Second Season and The Batman: The Complete Second Season will hit shelves simultaneously on September 19th, 2006.


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