UK's Eagle Awards Nominations For 2006 Now Online

Official Press Release

INTRODUCED in 1976, the Eagles are the comics industry's longest established awards. Acknowledged as the pre-eminent international prizes, they have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 30 years. Unique in that they reflect the people's choice, the Eagle Awards comprise of two distinct stages.

Nominations are now being solicited for the 2006 Eagle Awards. The winners will be announced at the Bristol International Comic Expo on Saturday, May 12 2007 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Bristol. The ceremony, hosted by comedian Norman Lovett will be preceded by the traditional gala dinner, for which already only a few tickets remain available.

The top five most popular nominations move forwards to the voting stage, and for the first time nominations are open to the whole voting public, at

Also new for 2007, the Eagles now have their very own message forum and website, featuring a detail history of the awards and past winners, all accessible via the Eagles home page of

Join us, and nominate now!

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