UK comics writer Steve Moore passes away at age 64

Veteran British writer Steve Moore, one of the original contributors to The Fortean Times who's also credited with teaching a young Alan Moore how to write comics scripts, passed away over the weekend at age 64.

The news was first reported this morning by Strange Attractor, a journal for which Moore regularly wrote. "Steve was a warm, wise and gentle man, with a surreal sense of humour and an astoundingly deep knowledge that covered history, the I Ching, forteana, magic, oriental mysticism, martial arts cinema, science fiction, underground comics and worlds more," the remembrance states.

A contributor to 2000AD, Warrior and Doctor Who Magazine, Moore's list of accomplishments includes pioneering the Future Shocks story format and co-creating "Red Fang," "Valkyries" and Axel Pressbutton. A longtime friend of Alan Moore (no relation), he wrote "Young Tom Strong" and "Jonni Future" in Tom Strong's Terrific Tales, as well as a novelization of the film V For Vendetta.

Alan Moore wrote na essay in 2006 about his friend called "Unearthing," which he later narrated as an audiobook. At the time of Steve Moore's death, the two were collaborating on The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic, to be published by Top Shelf Productions.

Asked in 2011 how "Unearthing" affected his life, Moore replied, "It’s a bit hard to say. At least no one’s cried ‘Burn him!’ (Yet.) I tend to look on the whole thing with bewildered surprise. … as I’ve said elsewhere, I think everyone tends to define ‘normal behaviour’ by what they do themselves, so when someone thinks you’re interesting enough to write about, you tend to think, ‘Why?’ And when it then becomes an audio-recording, a soon-to-be-published photo-illustrated book, and who knows what else in future, you can see why I’m baffled! On a day-to-day basis, I can’t say it’s really affected my life so far. What it’s probably done, though, is to make me a bit more confident. After all, Alan’s done such a thorough exposure of me I’ve really got nothing left to hide. Everyone can see I’m a lunatic, so I might as well just get on with it!"

Moore's most recent comics work was on Radical Publishing's Hercules: The Thracian Wars, which is being adapted for film.

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