UK Comic Creators Comment On Brexit Decision

Thursday in the United Kingdom, citizens of the country voted on a referendum of the U.K.'s membership in the European Union. The results of the controversial referendum were counted and revealed just as the sun started to rise in the U.K., with those wishing to leave edging out the "remain" vote with approximately 52% of the vote. The decision still has to be ratified by the British Parliament, and negotiations to exit the EU could take up to two years. Following the results, British Prime MInister David Cameron has announced he will resign, and the British pound has hit a 30 year low.

The decision has pushed not taken lightly. Many comic book writers and artists, both with U.K. origins or currently residing in the country, expressed their opinions about the Brexit decision overnight via Twitter.

I suspect being able to say "I told you so" a lot is going to be distinctly unsatisfying.

- Kieron Gillen (@kierongillen) June 24, 2016

I'm asked what I think of Brexit and write some initial thoughts: https://t.co/hngQkNsesm

- Kieron Gillen (@kierongillen) June 24, 2016

Love to my friends from the EU who live here (and my friends from here who live in the EU).

- Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) June 24, 2016

you know the "funny" thing is I just got paid in US dollars and I have no idea what it'll be worth when it goes into my bank in the morning

- Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) June 24, 2016

Looking for a song to listen to on the train. "The Night You Murdered Love" by ABC. That'll do.

It's cold, outside.

- Al Ewing (@Al_Ewing) June 24, 2016

Dear Elon Musk, I may have interest in obtaining a Martian passport

- Warren Ellis (@warrenellis) June 24, 2016

I thought my vote was supposed to be secret. Someone's put it on a map! https://t.co/hj0ARC6O2v

- Dave Gibbons (@davegibbons90) June 24, 2016

As a Brit living in the USA I just w... WHAT THE FUCK DID WE JUST DO?

- Paul Jenkins (@mypauljenkins) June 24, 2016

Stunned and sad. :-(

- Liam Sharp (@LiamRSharp) June 24, 2016

Watching the EU referendum results come in. This is not as much fun as Eurovision. Hoping we still remain part of the EU in the morning.

- Gary Erskine (@garyerskine) June 24, 2016

As a lifelong socialist I can only hope that if we vote to stay today the EU will be kinder to our poorest than they were to Italy & Greece.

- Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) June 23, 2016

A consolation to my centre-right, pro-EU readers: Our 4 main parties completely owned by big biz & will never ratify this in Parliament.

- Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) June 24, 2016

A weird day. Let's make some art

- jock (@jock4twenty) June 24, 2016

This is even worse than the day Bowie died.

- Sean Phillips (@seanpphillips) June 24, 2016

Just voted #remain pic.twitter.com/2UJ5DaCLd2

- Tula Lotay (@tulalotay) June 23, 2016

the thing is, with the drop in the pound, the salaries of europeans working here are worth less, a brexit.. precipitates.. an exit.

- Alison Sampson (@alis_samp) June 24, 2016

in short, there hasn't been a better time to look for work abroad.

- Alison Sampson (@alis_samp) June 24, 2016

Hard times ahead for the UK. Buckle up. Just remember: we did this to ourselves.

- Andy Diggle (@andydiggle) June 24, 2016

I kind of want to climb inside a D&D campaign and never come out.

- Andy Diggle (@andydiggle) June 24, 2016

The fight for our democracy starts today.

- Paul_Cornell (@Paul_Cornell) June 24, 2016

Of course, the Referendum result is the country offering an opinion, the Govt is not legally required to do anything at all about it.


Boris Johnson had one goal in the EU ref, win an opposing argument against the PM and position himself to replace Cameron. Job done, I'd say


For what it's worth I don't blame the voters, I blame the media that lied to them. English tabloids are the fucking worst.

- Frazer Irving (@frazerirving) June 24, 2016

Rather than talk of Scotland/NI/London seceding, I propose the EU makes available a non-geographical "Euro-Citizenship" passport.

- Si Spurrier (@sispurrier) June 24, 2016

More I think of it, more exciting a prospect that is. EU citizenship for any UK-resident who wants it. Cut out the middlemen.

- Si Spurrier (@sispurrier) June 24, 2016

It's not like watching a car crash. It's like watching people setting fire to their own cars and ramming into school buses at high speed.

- Steve Dillon (@stevedillon20) June 24, 2016

So, Leavers: pound has dropped 8% in last few hours and Farage has started backtracking on NHS spending. Happy now? https://t.co/Yd9aOOt1qr

- Sonia Leong (@sonia_leong) June 24, 2016

Venting pic.twitter.com/prQsNHLoeM

- Gary Frank (@1moreGaryFrank) June 24, 2016

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