15 Hideous Characters That Cosplayers Made Attractive

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Comic book characters are usually drawn in a way that makes them appealing to the eye. This is especially true for heroes and female characters. Accordingly, when these characters get live-action adaptations they are portrayed by rather good-looking actors. In the world of cosplay, these characters look equally, if not more, attractive. However, there are characters, both villains and heroes, male and female, that do not have the traditional good looks we are accustomed to. The beauty most certainly is in the eye of the beholder, however, there are certain standards that more often than not hold true. Besides, these less attractive characters are purposefully drawn in such a way.

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The villains seem more sinister, scary and crazy, while the heroes usually become the anti-hero type. The artists always have a reason for depicting a character in a certain way and their judgment should be trusted. But that doesn’t stop us from imagining what these characters would look like if they were attractive. Thankfully, it also doesn’t stop creative and talented cosplayers from making attractive versions of these otherwise unattractive characters. So, we took it upon ourselves to find and present and to you 15 completely gross characters that cosplayers made look drop dead gorgeous.

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GabbyLouCosplay Hellboy
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GabbyLouCosplay Hellboy

Son of a demon and a witch, Hellboy didn’t exactly win the genetic lottery. The likable and good-hearted Hellboy, doesn’t really have the classically handsome superhero look, such as Superman or Iron Man. However, this adventurous tough-guy has strong will and a desire to do what's right, which has endeared him to his fans.

One way of expressing your admiration for a fictional character is by bringing said character to life through cosplay. And this fan of Hellboy, Gabrielle Louise, did exactly that. Gabby Lou is an Australian cosplayer and visual artist with a passion for anything vintage, which usually shows in her work. Apart from this good-looking femme Hellboy, Gabby Lou has also cosplayed characters such as Jessica Rabbit, Maleficent and Harley Quinn.


Allison kishiekat Red Skull

Ok, Red Skull is definitely not a pretty sight. The embodiment of Nazi intimidation, Johann Shmidt was created by Adolf Hitler himself. Johann became the Red Skull once he put on his custom-made uniform and a gross red skull over his face. Courtesy of the Fuhrer.

Red Skull is one of Captain America’s biggest foes and one of Marvel’s most popular villains. Not surprisingly, cosplayers enjoy dressing up as the Red Skull and they usually look rather horrifying. However, this cosplayer managed to make the Red Skull look attractive. Allison cosplayed as the Red Skull at the 2017 Chicago Wizard World Comic Con and looked absolutely stunning, while at the same time somewhat scary. Allison managed to create a lethal combination of beauty and horror.


HydraEvil The Joker Dark Incognito

The Joker is probably one of the most commonly cosplayed comic book characters including both heroes and villains. A great number of Joker cosplays are indeed rather good, if not downright jaw-dropping. While many cosplayers go for the freaky and unhinged version of the Clown Prince of Crime, Kseniya did her own female and less terrifying take on the character.

Kseniya, who also goes by Dark Incognito, is a cosplayer from Belarus whose favorite things in the World are cosplay, games, comics and Batman. Kseniya started cosplaying in 2014, which is when this Joker was created. Kseniya showcased her eye-catching Fem Joker at the 2014 Higan festival, a modern youth festival of East Asian culture held in Minsk. And judging by the photos from Higan, Belarus has a lot to offer in terms of cosplay.


Jasmine GG Venom

Spidey’s arch-nemesis Venom may have looked cute when portrayed by the puppy-like Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3, but in the comics his appearance is far more nefarious, both as Eddie Brock and his alter-ego. Venom’s horrifying face, especially his sharp teeth and prehensile tongue, combined with his robust physique make him a daunting sight.

However, cosplayer Jasmine GG proved that even Venom can look attractive. Jasmine sported her Lady Venom costume at the 2017 Baltimore Comic-Con. It’s hard to imagine that such a terrifying character could ever look this gorgeous, but cosplayers really do create wonders. Jasmine’s female spin on Venom is probably the most attractive Venom has ever looked. This amazing cosplayer has also created costumes for characters such as Gamora, The Riddler and Valkyrie.


Sara Moni Sinestro

Green Lantern’s arch-nemesis Sinestro won’t be winning any beauty pageants, that’s for sure. Sinestro was born on the fictional planet Korugar. While humanoid in appearance, Korugarian's most defining characteristic is their bright red skin. But the bright red skin is not the sole source of Sinestro’s horrific appearance. As the rule of fiction dictates, evil makes you ugly. And Sinestro’s villainous personality truly makes him gross.

Nevertheless, seeing as he is a major character in the Green Lantern comics, Sinestro has gained wide popularity among DC Comics fans. Cosplayers of course express their love through amazing costumes. The talented cosplayer Sara Moni showcased her female Sinestro cosplay at the 2016 Los Angeles Comic Con and managed to make the evil Sinestro look handsome for a change.


Legend Cosplay Cable

Ok, Cable may not be a gross character, but you wouldn’t exactly call him Mr. Dreamy. Although both his parents are drop dead gorgeous, Nathan Summers didn’t quite take after either of them. Geneticist Mr. Sinister believed that Jean Grey and Scott Summers would be able to produce a genetically superior mutant able to defeat Apocalypse, so he "helped" create Cable. One would think with such beautiful parents he’d be getting some of the good looks too, but no such luck.

However, that hasn’t stopped cosplayers from creating their own far more attractive versions of Mr. Sinister’s ultimate weapon. Legend Cosplay donned on his awesome handmade Cable costume for the 2017 Orlando MegaCon. Now, this ruggedly handsome Cable certainly deserves the title of Mr. Dreamy.

9 M.O.D.O.K.

M.O.D.O.K. New York Comic-Con 2016

Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, or M.O.D.O.K. for short, was originally created for computing -- not killing. The radical scientific group A.I.M mutagenically altered George Tarleton into a super intelligent being, but his massive cranium was too much for his body to support so he was placed in a hover chair. Hence, M.O.D.O.K.’s rather ridiculous and repulsive appearance.

M.O.D.O.K. is one of those extremely weird comic book creations you would never expect to see in a live-action adaptation or as a cosplay costume. However, cosplayers can be pretty clever when creating cosplay costumes for otherwise "un-cosplayable" characters. This M.O.D.O.K. was spotted at the 2016 New York Comic Con. The unnamed cosplayer built a very cool M.O.D.O.K. costume and managed to look far more handsome than his comic book counterpart.


Yuriko-Oyama Lady Deathstrike

The X2: X-Men United movie painted a rather flattering picture of one of Wolverine’s greatest foes Lady Deathstrike. However, her appearance in the comics is far less appealing. With extremely elongated fingers and nails as well as wires and metal poking through her face and body, it’s safe to say that Lady Deathstrike is not one of the femme fatales in the league with Emma Frost and Black Cat.

For someone who’s only known aliases on the Internet are Yuriko Oyama and Lady Deathstrike, this amazing Russian cosplayer more or less defined herself as the ultimate Lady Deathstrike cosplayer. Be it the movie version or the comic book version of the character, Yuriko Oyama has done it. This gorgeous Lady Deathstrike is based on the comic series Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy.


SerenaDeLaMacabre Black Tallulah

Tallulah Black is one of those rare less attractive female comic book characters. The horribly scarred one-eyed bounty hunter, Tallulah Black had her most flattering incarnation in the awful 2010 Jonah Hex movie, where she was played by Megan Fox.

Kat Tenorio, posing above as Tallulah Black, was clearly inspired by the character’s on-screen look when making this cosplay costume. Kat is a Florida-based model and cosplayer who may seem relaxed in front of camera, but is an awkward dork in her everyday life. Apart from this stunning Tallulah Black, Kat has done cosplays of characters such as Freddy from Friday the 13th, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, Quicksilver from X-Men: Days of Future Past as well as a number of Sailor Moon characters.


Sara Moni Lizard

To say that all lizards are gross would be a gross inaccuracy. The World is full of beautiful colorful lizards such as the Gold Dust Day Gecko and the Rainbow Agama, just to name a few. Sadly, when Dr. Connors injected himself with reptilian DNA-based serum, he didn’t transform into one of these beautiful creatures. His Lizard form is a frightening and frankly hideous sight.

Yet, when the beautiful Sara Moni puts on her Lizard outfit she manages to make even the gross Lizard look appealing. This Arizona-based cosplayer, who is known for her exceptional cosplay costumes as well as fun personality, happens to be a big fan of reptiles. Merging her three loves -- Marvel, cosplay and reptiles -- Sara Moni created a stunning Lady Lizard.


Vasiliell Lobo

Normally, you don’t except a character whose name literally means "one who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it" to be a sight for sore eyes. The bike-riding anti-hero Lobo was created as criticism of Marvel heroes such as Wolverine and Punisher, and surprisingly took off. Stan "The Man" Lee even picked Lobo as his favorite DC Comics character.

Russian cosplayer Vasilisa Tim obviously fancies Lobo too. In 2016, she created this spectacular female Lobo cosplay. As Lobo cosplays go, this is the most attractive Lobo we’ve ever seen. But Lobo is not the only comic book character Vasilisa managed to beautify, so to speak. Recently, this talented cosplayer posted an Instagram photo of a very decent looking Yondu Udonta from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Meagan-Marie Two-Face

With a name like Two-Face you can’t really expect much in terms of beauty. Harvey Dent may have started as a handsome devil, but ever since his transformation into Two-Face Harvey’s good looks have been a thing of the past. Naturally, most cosplays of Two-Face are appropriately gross. Or in case of this cosplayer beautiful and gross.

Meet Meagan Marie, cosplayer and Senior Community Manager of Tomb Raider and The Avengers Project games at Crystal Dynamics. Meagan’s mind-blowing cosplay skills have made her an Internet celebrity. Over the years, her cosplay costumes have been featured on a number of websites and won various awards. Meagan’s Lady Two-Face cosplay, which she wore to the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, was inspired by Batman: The Animated Series and looks absolutely fantastic. Like two sides of a coin, beautiful and creepy.


Ashley Du Carnage

Spidey sure has some ugly characters in his rogues gallery. Carnage is most definitely one of the more repulsive villains Spider-Man has fought. Considering the fact that he is essentially Venom’s offspring, it is only natural that he looks scary AF. Literally everything about Carnage just screams horror. Yet, here we have an extremely attractive version of Carnage brought to us by Ashley Du.

Canadian cosplayer, special effects artist and gamer, Ashley is mostly a self-though craftsman who loves creating cosplay costumes of her favorite comic book characters. Ashley must be a huge Spidey fan, given that her gallery includes a number of characters from Spider-Man comics, such as Mary Jane Watson, Silk and Spider-Man. For all that and much more, we recommend you visit her Instagram.


Ekaterina Ghost Rider

When the defining trait of a character’s look is a flaming skull, you know that pulling off a successful cosplay of said character is going to be a real nightmare. Yet, awesome cosplayers around the world somehow manage to create very accurate costumes for the Ghost Rider. However, this particular cosplayer even succeeded at making the Ghost Rider look rather attractive.

Ekaterina Zhurkovich sported her mind-blowing Ghost Rider cosplay costume at the 2017 New York Comic-Con drawing the attention of visitors, cosplayers and photographers alike. Ekaterina’s makeup is on point and combined with her flaming hair makes for a very convincing and good-looking Ghost Rider. If you want to see triple the Ghost Rider, you should check out Ekaterina’s Instagram for more awesome pictures.


Shiro Ang Photography Penguin and The Joker

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how bizarrely gruesome most Batman villains are? Gotham City truly is a hotbed for disfigured and unsightly creations. Batman’s infamous rogues gallery contains a number of gross villains, including the duo featured above.

Neither Penguin nor The Joker are what you would call God’s gift to women. Not that Harley Quinn would agree. Traditionally, Penguin has been depicted as a short obese man with an extremely long nose, and well The Joker has one of the most horrifying faces the world has ever seen. However, these two amazing cosplayers managed to make even these abominable characters look extremely attractive. Violet and Orvis make quite the pair on this cool photo taken by the cosplay photographer Shiro Ang Yeong Hui.

Which of these cosplayers do you think had the most difficult task? Let us know in the comments!

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