Udon's Marvelous art, Iron Man & Spider-Girl previewed

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Like I've said before, I'm lucky enough to see all sorts of way cool art. Some in sketch form, some in full pencil and ink. And sometimes I get passed fully colored art that makes me say, "Yep, it's official: comics kick major butt."

Take, for example, these two pieces given to me by the fine folks of UDON. First up is the cover to SPIDER-GIRL #42, which was illustrated Ron Frenz and colored by UDON's Shane Law. This issue swings into stores on January 2nd.

Cover by Ron Frenz, Livesay, & Shane Law

Tom DeFalco (w)/Ron Frenz (p)/Livesay (i)

As Peter Parker and Mayday struggle to accept the reality of what's happened to Mary Jane, the gang war takes an unexpected turn for the worse when the mother of Funny Face and Crazy Eight suddenly joins the festivities! Realizing that the odds are steadily growing against her, Spider-Girl is forced to try a surprising new battle-strategy! Plus: At long last, Peter confronts the mother of the new Spider-Man!

On Sale Jan. 2nd $2.25

Up next is page one to IRON MAN #48, featuring pencils and inks by Omar Dogan and colors by Angelo Tsang. This issue zooms into your nearest shop on November 14th.

Cover by Keron Grant

Frank Tieri (w)/Omar Dogan (p & i)

"The Frankenstein Syndrome" concludes as a badly-injured Iron Man must battle alone against the architect of his recent miseries -- who happens to be one of the Avengers' greatest enemies!

On Sale Nov. 14th (MarvelPG) $2.25

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Marketing Communications Manager

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