Udon Reveals "Street Fighter Unlimited" Variant Covers

When Udon Entertainment's "Street Fighter Unlimited" arrives in December, the new ongoing series by Ken Siu-chong, Joe Ng, Jim Zub and Edwin Huang will bring with it a number of differently-themed variant covers in addition to each issue's regular cover, illustrated by Genzoman.

The Ultra Jam variant will be released in conjunction with the series' first twelve issues. Each cover, illustrated by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz, will combine to create one massive image featuring every playable character from the "Street Fighter" franchise.

The series' homage variants kick off with artist Long Vo's nod to Marvel Comics' famous "Secret Wars" #8, while the "Street Fighter V" variants feature art from the upcoming game, and Capcom artist Bengus provides yet another variant the publisher calls "extremely limited."

Udon will also release a number of blank sketch covers.

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