Ucreate Comics' Big Break Tour Recruits Neal Adams & Kevin Smith

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Legendary comic book artist Neal Adams (Batman, X-Men) and writer-director Kevin Smith (Batman Cacophony, Batman Widening Gyre and Green Arrow) will spend a day with aspiring comic book writers and artists at the UcreateComics Big Break Tour - NYC at the Apollo Theater on May 4, 2013.

Breaking into the comic book business is tough. While comic book-based movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises captured almost half of 2012's top 10 box office, opportunities for newcomers are rare. Talented writers and artists routinely line up at sold-out comic conventions to pay for reviews from industry pros, hoping that this will be their big break. It rarely is.

Based on the belief that careers begin with small breaks, artist Neal Adams and writer/director Kevin Smith will spend a day with aspiring comic book writers and artists at the UcreateComics Big Break Tour in NYC on May 4th, 2013. They'll share their experiences and insights on how to break in as a comic book professional. UcreateComics, a new company with a million dollar fund for comic book development, is hoping to find the next Adams or Smith at the event.

Kevin Smith famously quit film school, went to work, and wrote, directed, and shot his first film on good will and credit cards. Clerks became a massive hit-but Kevin only made it into writing for Marvel and DC after he'd proved himself by writing and publishing several comics set in the Clerks universe.

Neal Adams--considered to be the greatest living comic book artist--was rejected first by DC Comics, the company he'd dreamed of working at since childhood, when he was 17 years old. Undaunted, he sought work with smaller companies, built his reputation, and went on to revitalize both the Batman and X-Men franchises. Now hugely successful and respected, both Smith and Adams had to fight hard to make it in the comic book business.

"UcreateComics is trying to enable people to move forward and to learn the things they need to be professional artists and storytellers and then to reward them for it. And, at the same time, give them the opportunity to see their work published." Adams explains.

UcreateComics' million dollar comic book development fund provides breakthrough opportunities for creators. Everyone can pitch concepts and vote at this online community of writers, artists, and fans. Winning concepts are turned into comic books, with writer and artist members competing for paid scripting and illustration contracts.

NYC is the first stop on the Big Break tour, which will also travel to Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto. www.UcreateComicsEvents.com

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