Ubisoft Adapting Watch Dogs As Animated 'Cybermystery' Show

Along with a slew of other animated TV adaptations, Ubisoft is putting a new spin on Watch Dogs. According to the company's Film and Television manager, Helene Jueguet, Ubisoft is transforming the video game franchise into a "cybermystery" animated series aimed at preteens.

Ubisoft has yet to reveal specifics regarding the series' characters and narrative, but the company did provide a vague premise for the series, which is set to follow a high school girl who uses her hacking prowess to solve various mysteries within her school.

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For Watch Dogs fans uncertain about Ubisoft's creative decision, the company told The Hollywood Reporter: "To clarify, the animated television show involving hacking is inspired by the themes and ideas of the Watch Dogs brand but it is not set in the same universe or tied to it directly."

It looks as though Ubisoft isn't trying to garner the attention of Watch Dog's current fanbase; rather, Ubi may just be using the well-known name and unique aesthetic of the video game series to attract a new audience. This is made even more apparent through the released concept art for the series, which portrays an art style, protagonist and setting foreign to the video game source material.

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Originally released back in 2014, Watch Dogs put players in the role of a Chicago-based hacker who has the ability to control almost any electronic element in the city with a mere push a button. Other entries in the franchise include 2016's Watch Dogs 2 and Watch Dogs: Legion, which is slated for a March 6, 2020 release.

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