U2 Rocker Bono Makes a Bid for Top Cow? Well, Sort Of.

According to a Reuters report, British video game publisher Eidos, the company behind the hugely popular Lara Croft "Tomb Raider" series of games, is currently in the middle of a bidding war. The war for the game publisher has erupted between Elevation Partners, which counts U2 lead-singer Bono among its partners, and SCI Entertainment. Yesterday, Elevation posted a $135 million dollar offer for Eidos and today SCI Entertainment posted a bid worth $145 million dollars for the troubled video game company.

There's a comic book angle to this story as well. Top Cow Productions, who published Eidos' "Tomb Raider" comic books, is part owned by Eidos. According to Games Investor, in 1999 Eidos increased its stake in Top Cow Productions to 26%. Amongst the book Top Cow publishes are "Hunter-Killer," "Witchblade," "The Darkness" and more.

According to reports, Elevation is reassessing its offer for Eidos and an announcement should be forthcoming this week. If Elevation is successful in their bid, then yes, Bono would be a part owner of a comics publishing company.

CBR News spoke briefly with Top Cow Publisher Matt Hawkins Tuesday afternoon who said he has not been contacted about the deal. According to Hawkins, the terms of Top Cow's deal with Eidos states the comics publisher must be notified of any offers to sell Eidos to a third-party.

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