U.S.S. Alabama Is Like Reno 911! With Sci-Fi Problems

Earlier this month, FX ordered a pilot episode for U.S.S. Alabama, a new comedy series from Reno 911! creators Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. Described as Reno 911! meets Battlestar Galactica, the show is "set a thousand years in the future," following "the crew of the space ship USS Alabama as they continue a seven-year mission to maintain interplanetary peace.”

"We're still kind of figuring the show out," Lennon told Collider about the show's development. "The only thing we know is that technically no one on the ship is supposed to have sex with each other for the entire 7 years of the mission, but male and female… everyone on the ship showers together. So it leads to lots and lots of sexual tension basically."

Even though Lennon and his collaborators are still ironing out the particulars, the Reno 911! co-creator and co-star said that ideas for future episodes of Alabama are already in the works.

"The crew of our ship is being put on trial for war crimes against this alien race and we get beamed down to their planet and then we find out that these aliens to us look like puppets like Elmo. They’re unbelievably cute but they’re charging us with war crimes and eventually we’ll have to kill them all and blow them up and escape," he suggested for one episode. "So it’s Reno 911! with occasionally like we pass through a nebula that causes everyone on the ship to hear each other’s thoughts. Sometimes we run into ourselves as babies and then we have to keep the baby version of ourself alive so the future version of us can be there at the time. You know, sci-fi problems. Reno 911!/sci-fi problems on a very, very sweaty, sweaty, clunky spaceship.”

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