U.S. military could soon have 'Star Wars'-style hoverbikes

Sometime in the not-so-distant future, we may be riding around on Star Wars-style hoverbikes. Or at least our military will.

Mashable reports that U.K.-based engineering startup Malloy Aeronautics, which last year raised more than $100,000 to kickstart sales of its one-third scale hoverbike drones, has signed a contract with the  U.S. Army Research Laboratory to develop a full-sized version for the Department of Defense.

Presumably using lessons learned on the Forest Moon of Endor, Malloy will work with Maryland defense firm SURVICE Engineering to transform the bike into a military reconnaissance vehicle. Malloy's prototype can already reach speeds of 92 mph. However, there's no word yet whether the real deal will be have lasers and signal-jamming capabilities.

Up next: an All Terrain Scout Walker.

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