U.S. company challenges Japan to a giant-robot battle

After introducing the MegaBot Mark II, “America’s first fully functional giant piloted robot," there was really only one thing left for MegaBots Inc. to do:  Challenge Japan to a giant-robot battle.

Seriously, if you had a mecha what would you do? Build public-works projects? Hell no, you'd fight other robots! For America!

To that end, the gang at MegaBots, whose sole purpose is to create giant piloted fighting robots, has released the most patriotic video you'll see this week (yes, I know it's Fourth of July weekend), throwing down the gauntlet to Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry, which has its own fully functional mecha.

Called the Kuratas, Suidobashi's giant robot weighs 9,000 pounds and boasts twin Gatling guns and a "hyper-advanced targeting system." Is it a match for the 12,000-pound Mark II, which is armed to the teeth and able to fire 3-pound paint cannonballs at speeds of 100 miles per hour.? That's what MegaBots wants to find out!

"Prepare yourselves and name the battlefield," an American flag-wearing Matt Oehrlein says in the video. "In one year, we fight."

(via The Daily Dot)

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