U.K. renaissance continues with reprints, reappraisal of forgotten giant

Another day, another couple of great books announced in the United Kingdom. I've jokingly referred to "the U.K. graphic novel renaissance" a few times recently, but I really am starting to believe we're living in some sort of Golden Age.

Just on Sunday, I cruelly dubbed The Pleece Brothers' The Great Unwashed as belonging in the "believe it when you see it" category. Waiting a couple of years for a book can make you a cynic: also, fan entitlement is a terrible thing. When proper physical proof of its existence then popped up on the internet mere days later, I had to laugh.  The book contains material for work they produced for a number of groundbreaking U.K. anthologies in the late 1980s/early 1990s, including Crisis, Revolver, Escape and their self-published Velocity. The announcement on The Pleece Brothers' blog reads:

Yes, The Great Unwashed is back from the printers! Brought down today to drizzly Brighty courtesy of those two doyens of all things comicy and Escape Books publishers, no less, Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury.

After a long, long wait, I’m pleased to say the book looks great and will be on sale from September 14th via the Escape Books website and all good comic and book stores.

We’ll be having a couple of launches in September in London and Brighton, news to come on those soon, and will no doubt be flogging this mother of all graphic novels to death in a town within a 50 mile radius to you very soon!

Another book highlighting a comic creator whose work will be obscure to an international audience but beloved in the U.K. is Book Palace Books' The Art of Denis McLoughlin. The book's editor, comic artist Peter Richardson, has posted a massive gallery of preview art. If you are unfamiliar with McLoughlin's work, I'd urge you to check it out.

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