Typhoid Mary Returns in Marvel's Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man

Typhoid Mary will soon make her return to Marvel Comics when she goes up against Spider-Man in Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man #1. The issue will see Spider-Man team up with Daredevil while the latter is busy trying to take down New York City Mayor Wilson Fisk.

"Typhoid Mary has one of the most dangerous power sets in the Marvel Universe -- and writer Clay Mcleod Chapman (Edge of Venomverse) is determined to use those powers in ways we’ve never seen before,” Marvel Editor Devin Lewis said in a press release. “Pyrokinesis, telekinesis and mind control… and that’s all in the first scene! Wait’ll you see what else Clay has planned, and what artist Stefano Landini has done with the script for Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man!"

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Typhoid Mary’s power set ranges the full gamut of psychic abilities. She can influence the thoughts of others, telekinetically control objects and light things on fire with her mind. First appearing in Daredevil #254, Typhoid Mary set her sights on Matt Murdock prior to the lawyer’s emergence as a superhero. Matt was responsible for Mary’s fall out of a window, a slight for which she has never forgiven him.

For sale on Oct. 3, Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man #1 is written by Clay McLeod Chapman with art by Stefano Landini. R.B. Silva provides the issue's cover, which can be found below.

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