Tynion Talks Wonder Woman's Darker Connection to Magic - and Monkeys?

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James Tynion IV is aiming to give Wonder Woman a closer connection to the world of magic in the DC Universe. The writer added the iconic character to Justice League Dark's roster, and now he's delving deep into Diana's origin while making a significant addition to her mythos.

"The Witching Hour," a five-issue crossover event in Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark, reveals that Diana was marked at a young age by the Witch Goddess Hecate, hiding an immense power within the heroine from Themyscira. Why make such a significant change to Wonder Woman? Why have her join the popular supernatural team? We picked the writer's brain during a one-on-one interview at this year's New York Comic Con.

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While chatting with CBR in the DC booth during the show, Tynion explained why he was motivated to put Diana to Justice League Dark's roster. "With Diana, I wanted a character at the heart of this book who thought they knew what magic was, who thought that they would be comfortable walking in these dark shadows of the DC Universe." Tynion added, "But then have them overwhelmed by how dark that darkness is.

"Diana isn't a character that's normally overwhelmed [...] or afraid. But she is going to be afraid and she is going to be overwhelmed in this story, and I think it's going to both shake her and ultimately send her in a new direction [with a] a new respect and understanding of magic."

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Tynion hopes this storyline will solidify Wonder Woman's spot in DC's supernatural world, saying, "I wanted to show that this is the corner of DC where Wonder Woman could be the foremost hero, in the same way Batman is the hero of the crime corner of the universe, and that Superman is at the forefront of the science fiction side of the DC Universe. Now, we're really defining the boundaries of the magical universe within DC and showing that Diana is primary."

Now that Diana's on the supernatural team, Tynion said he was surprised to find that his favorite things to write are conversations between Wonder Woman and Detective Chimp. "It's really, really fun! They seem like they could not be further apart from one another, but the way Diana sees herself -- the amount of weight she puts on herself in this magical crisis -- that's how Bobo feels about it every day. They cut to the heart of each other in a really interesting way."

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Tynion teased that 'The Witching Hour' will not only have a significant impact on Wonder Woman, but the entire supernatural landscape as well. "What [the mark on Wonder Woman's forehead] means and how it ties into not only her history but the entire history of magic on Earth will have huge ramifications for the DC Universe."

The writer elaborated on the story's significance, saying, "This is a big story. It's an emotional story for her, but I really can't overstate that there are going to be dramatic and seismic repercussions for the entire magical universe in these five issues."

Wonder Woman #56 is available digitally and wherever comics are sold. Justice League Dark #4 is available October 17.

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