Tynion & Doyle Depart DC's "Dark Universe"

Writer James Tynion IV and artist Ming Doyle have departed yet-to-debut DC Comics' series "Dark Universe," as revealed by Tynion Friday via a series of tweets.

"Unfortunately, @mingdoyle and I had to step away from Dark Universe because of a few more pressing matters," Tynion wrote via his Twitter account. "We ended up folding a lot of our ideas into our Hellblazer run which we are still very excited about and committed to. We look forward to seeing what DC does with the rest of the Dark line. And for fans to see what else the two of us have in store for 2015 and beyond!"

"Dark Universe" was announced in February as one of 24 new series set to launch from DC in June and July, intended to showcase a wider tone of stories and appeal to a more diverse, inclusive audience. "Dark Universe" moved to later in the year, not appearing in DC's June 2015 or July 2015 solicitations. CBR News reached out to DC Comics on the current status of the series, and has not received a response as of publication.

Tynion and Doyle are also co-writing DC's "Constantine: The Hellblazer," illustrated by Riley Rossmo and set to debut on June 10. As seen in the above comments, Tynion noted that some "Dark Universe" ideas have been incorporated into their "Hellblazer" plan.

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