Tyler Kirkham "Phoenix" Cover Leads Off Top Cow Variants For Marvel

Official Press Release

Top Cow Productions, Inc. is incredibly proud to announce the first in a series of hotly anticipated variant covers for landmark Marvel Comics issues. As part of a larger partnership with Marvel, which includes a number of crossover one shots such as Darkness/Wolverine and Cyberforce/X-Men being released by Top Cow as well as Top Cow artists working on top Marvel series such as Phoenix: Warsong, Top Cow will be producing a number of extremely limited edition covers of Marvel comics. And like the Michael Turner variants previously released by Aspen Comics, these variant editions will be available exclusively through the Top Cow store (www.topcow.com). With such a limited print run and limited availability these are destined to be incredibly sought after books!

The first cover in this series will be the Tyler Kirkham variant of Phoenix: Warsong #1, the hotly anticipated sequel to the fan-favorite and best-selling X-Men: Phoenix Endsong, written by Greg (Battlestar Galactica) Pak and drawn by Top Cow's very own rising star Tyler Kirkham! The Phoenix Force returns, but what part do the Stepford Cuckoos play in it all? Plus, with the Phoenix Force back, who will the primal creature tap as its host this time around? It'll be up to the Astonishing X-Men to quell the Phoenix's hunger.

"The recent crossover opportunity with Marvel Comics has been an absolutely fantastic opportunity for our talented creators to dip their toes in the Marvel Universe pool and they haven't disappointed yet. Tyler has been growing by leaps and bounds as an artist and this cover for Phoenix: Warsong is a gorgeous example of that", remarked Filip Sablik, V-P of Marketing & Sales at Top Cow, "Tyler is the perfect follow up artist to Greg Land's stellar work on Endsong. I'm thrilled Marvel has given us the opportunity to showcase his talent in this special way and I expect fans will be running not walking to either the Top Cow online store to get their hands on one of these babies."

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