Ty Templeton recovering after heart attack: 'I'm not dead yet'

After suffering a massive heart attack less than two weeks ago, writer/artist Ty Templeton is home from the hospital with a new Bun Toons strip that both pokes fun at his health scare and underscores just how serious it was.

"Last week I died three times,' he wrote in Saturday's strip, which purports to be a Daredevil primer. "That's pretty goddamn frightening." In the text below, Templeton added, "I'm not kidding about dying three times, by the way … I’ve now checked out more times that Professor X during a summer crossover, and I don’t seem to have any insight into the experience.

"Didn’t meet John Lennon or my dad when that happened," he continued, "but I did learn that there ARE atheists in foxholes after all, because no matter how dire or iffy things got, I never thought about the hereafter or considered asking for magical help, so there’s that."

The 52-year-old Templeton, known for his work on DC Comics' The Batman Adventures and, more recently, Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet, revealed he earned the nickname "Miracle Man" at the hospital, because the staff didn't expect him make it. But while recovery is taking longer than he'd hoped, he is getting better.

"I have to nap every time I climb a set of stairs, and drawing still isn’t back up to speed (hence the stolen panels in the above Bun Toon)," he explained, "but never fear, I’m getting better slowly, and expect to be putting pencil to paper in a week or so, just as soon as I can go more than an hour awake."

Be sure to read Templeton's entire post.

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