Ty Burrell Scores <i>Muppets 2</i> Role

Hopefully you weren't too excited about seeing Christoph Waltz in The Muppets 2 because he's no longer in talks to play an Interpol inspector in the Disney film. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Waltz has been replaced by an actor known more for his comedy chops: Ty Burrell of Modern Family fame.

The sequel to the Jason Segel/Nicholas Stoller-written 2011 film will move the action from the United States to Europe, with a heist vibe similar to that of The Great Muppet Caper, Stoller has said. James Bobin has returned to shoot the sequel which he has co-written with Stoller, Segel is not involved this time around. Songwriter Brett McKenzie will also return and is working on original songs for the project. Filming is expected to start in and around London's Pinewood Studios next month.

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