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Official Press Release

TwoMorrows Publishing (publisher of the comic industry's top historical and "how-to" magazines) is celebrating the life and career of legendary comics artist Alex Toth with a special issue of Alter Ego magazine. Due for release in December, Alter Ego #63 will spotlight Toth's contributions to comics, through a massive assemblage of professional tributes and rare and unseen Toth art.

Having worked in the industry since comics' Golden Age, Alex knew and worked with most of the top writers, artists, editors, and publishers from the 1940s to today. This issue is their turn to share memories of the acclaimed artist, and a veritable "who's who" of Toth associates is already on board to pay tribute. Any other professionals interested in contributing are encouraged to e-mail editor Roy Thomas at roydann@ntinet.com with their submissions.

Alter Ego #63 will also feature a never-published interview with Toth by Michael Vance, as well as a look at Toth's own favorite artists, so readers can see where the master got some of the inspiration that sustained him through a lifelong career in comics.

Toth has been a regular contributor to Alter Ego for several years, submitting his recollections of comics history on his infamous handwritten postcards, before his untimely passing at the end of May. He was so prolific with his correspondence, that Alter Ego editor Roy Thomas has a large backlog of Toth submissions, so his comments will continue to appear in Alter Ego for some time to come.

Alter Ego #63 will be available for pre-ordering at www.twomorrows.com in mid-August, and will be in the October issue of Previews, in the "magazine" section. Cover price is $6.95 US, and can be ordered for $9 US postpaid directly from TwoMorrows Publishing, either online or by mail.

Readers clamoring for more on Toth in the meantime are encouraged to consider Comic Book Artist #11, the 2001 issue that helped lead that magazine to its first Eisner Award for "Best Comics-Related Magazine." Editor Jon B. Cooke assembled the most exhaustive look at the artist's career up to that point, and an online preview (including an excerpted version of his new interview from that issue) is available at:


Back issues of Comic Book Artist #11 are available for $9 US postpaid directly from TwoMorrows Publishing's website or by mail.

Since 1994, TwoMorrows Publishing has been focused on bringing new life to comics fandom through its award-winning magazines, trade paperbacks, and DVDs, encompassing a wide variety of pop culture interests.

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