Two Vikings beating the tar out of each other for a whole issue? Yes, please

I've been a big fan of Vasilis Lolos since I discovered his art in 2007 with The Pirates of Coney Island, his entertaining yet sadly unfinished Image Comics miniseries with writer Rick Spears. Since then Lolos has more than made up for that minor disappointment with his graphic novel The Last Call and collaborations like the Eisner-winning 5, the follow-up Pixu, and the upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampire.

But I'm always looking for more of his work. So I was happy to see Lolos was teaming with writer Brian Wood for a standalone issue of Vertigo's Northlanders, and thrilled to get a peek at the results in this preview at MySpace Comic Books.

If I recall correctly, the issue, titled "The Viking Art of Single Combat," is one long battle, with two warriors hammering away at each other for 22 pages as the narrator dissects the fighting techniques of the Norsemen. Ah, Northlanders. If the issue didn't already have me at "Vasilis Lolos," the premise would've reeled me in for sure.

Northlanders #17 goes on sale March 27.

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