Two-Thirds of Fans Say 'The Force Awakens' Will Be Best 'Star Wars' Yet

With excitement for "The Force Awakens" at a fevered pitch, 63 percent of fans -- that's nearly two-thirds -- say they think it will be the best "Star Wars" film yet.

Those are high expectations, certainly. But in a new survey, fans also explained why they're feeling so positive about the movie's prospects: 36 percent of respondents said “more advanced CGI” technology; 25 percent cited a “more interesting story"; another 25 percent think "The Force Awakens" will be “more true to the ‘Star Wars’ series” (presumably "more true" than the prequels); 15 percent pointed to director J.J. Abrams; and 14 percent mentioned a better cast (again, presumably better than the prequels).

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of FusionOps, didn't focus entirely on the movie; there's also merchandise for "Star Wars" fans to contend with.

Sixty-nine percent said the think Disney's avalanche of "Star Wars" toys will be out of stock by the time "The Force Awakens" premieres Dec. 18. To get their hands on that coveted merchandise, 12 percent said they'd be willing to lie to other customers, while another 12 percent would cut in line. Embracing the Dark Side, 7 percent would trip an elderly person to achieve their goal, and 5 percent would fake a panic attack.

For the survey, conducted Sept. 14-16, Harris questioned 2,031 U.S. adults, 801 of whom identified as "Star Wars" fans.

(via Variety, Cnet)

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