Two "Thank yous" and a "Welcome aboard"

First off, a big "Thank you" to David Gallaher, who guest blogged with us all week. If you missed his interviews with Ron Perazza and id.ego, or his write-up on the Winter Guard one-shot he and Steve Ellis have coming out this December, be sure to go check them out. And you can read his and Steve'sHigh Moon over at the Zuda Comics site; it just launched its fourth season this weekend.

Second, you may have noticed Lisa Fortuner hasn't been around these parts in awhile, which was due to the increasing demands of her day job. Unfortunately those demands have continued increasing, so Lisa has decided to make it official and leave the blog. Which is too bad, as I was hoping she'd find the time to start contributing again. I've always admired her courage in tackling the subjects she did in her column. She'll definitely be missed.

And finally, a bit of good news for the blog ... after his guest stint a few weeks back, we've invited Sean T. Collins to join the blog on a permanent basis. Welcome aboard, Sean! Watch for his first post this week.

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