'Two Over Ten' expected to ship early

Official Press Release

(February 13, 2002) The long-anticipated finale to the most surprisingscience-fiction mini-series Two Over Ten will be making its' way toretailers one week earlier than expected, hitting shelves nationwideMarch 6.

Two Over Ten was featured in Comics Buyers Guide in November 2001 as oneof the first comic series that was completely finished before it waseven solicited to Diamond, a plan put in motion to help retailersnervous about investing in a series that, like many new B+W titles, maynever see completion. Completed pages (with text) from Two Over Ten #4(on sale today) and Two Over Ten #5 are available right now atwww.secondtosomestudios.com.

Second 2 Some hopes to make things even easier for retailers and readersalike by offering completed review pages of their new on-going seriesFade From Blue (due out May 2) just in time for its' solicitation in theMarch Previews catalog. "As a reader, it's hard enough to figure outwhat titles to invest in two months ahead of time," says ScottDalrymple, " We didn't think it was fair to expect retailers to do thesame thing about our new series without giving them a taste of what they were getting."

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