Two New Comic Book Courses from Georgetown U.

Official Press Release

Washington, DC - May 20, 2004. Following a highly evaluated initial semester, "Examining Comic Books as Literature" will be returning again this summer from Georgetown University's School of Summer & Continuing Education along with a new, second course, "Comic Book Scriptwriting", both taught by alumnus, writer, and lecturer A. David Lewis.

Under course number XLIT-162-01, "Examining Comic Books as Literature" - beginning June 15th and running for 8 evening sessions - will once again pair notable comics of the last twenty years with a crash-course in literary theory. "The original groundwork," says Lewis' academic site www.Serious-About-Comics.com, "in Semiotics, Deconstruction, Queer Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory and Reader-Response will also be combined with Post-Colonialism, Post-Structuralism, and Marxism -- not to mention the works of Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and other rising stars." As with the previous class, all level of student-experience in either comic or literary theory are welcome, even pure beginners; in addition, the course is open to all, not solely Georgetown students, at the low Continuing Education Non-Credit tuition rate. A complete summary of the class as well as registration option can be found at:

In addition, Lewis will also serve as instructor for XWRI-104-01, "Comic Book Scriptwriting". This hybrid analysis/creative writing course will "will take students of all experience levels through prime examples of excellence in comic book scriptwriting, a variety of styles and formats, advice from the experts, and through to a final draft of their very own comic book story." Beginning June 14th, XWRI-104 will draw from a variety of sources, including Alan Moore's Writing for Comics from Avatar Press and Panel One: Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers from About Comics. More information on the class can be found at:

Lewis, the instructor, is a resident of Arlington, VA as well as an administrator for the School of Nursing & Health Studies, alumni of the English Department, and writer of the recent Mortal Coils: Bodylines trade paperback from Red Eye Press. He received his Bachelor's degree from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA, and he is a member of the Editorial Board for The International Journal of Comic Art. Interested parties can visit his main website, www.CaptionBox.net, which includes links to his Mortal Coils sub-site as well as to work he has done for The Pulse, The Gaiman Archive, NinthArt.com, Sequential Tart, ComicWorldNews.com, and other live presentations. He is scheduled to speak again in October as part of the International Comic Arts Festival (ICAF) in the Washington DC area.

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