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It is what it says. I have some random thoughts, and since Chad stole that routine from me by being all new and productive, I'm just going to give each around 140 characters of time.*

I am amazed by how much I enjoyed the second volume of Fables, given how lukewarm I was to the first.

I didn't hate either Fantastic Four movie. Do I need to turn in my nerd card now?

I'm pretty sure I'm going to stop buying Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine: Weapon X. Solid comics, don't get me wrong, but I can live without them. Parker and Espin's Exiles looks like it can pretty well fulfill my X-Men fix.

I played the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum at Gamestop yesterday. Based solely on that, it's already the best non-Lego based Batman game. Mark Hamil is the voice of the Joker, and the combat is fun, so it's already won hands down. Hopefully it turns out to actually be a good game. I mean, if Wolverine: Origins can be fun, surely a game not chained to a movie release should be able to do the same.

I sort of want Kramer's Ergot 7. Partially because it just looks like a cool art object, partially because I really don't read enough alternative comics, and partially because Dick Hyacinth made it sound awesome. But it's sort of hard to justify dropping even the Amazon price on something I only sort of want, you know? I also seriously have no clue where I would put it. Do I need to buy a coffee table in order to own it, too?

Going from the new Batman video game to Kramer's Ergot 7; did I metaphorically break anyone's neck with that abrupt shift? If so, I apologize, and will pay for your metaphorical medical bills.

It amazes me that Ms. Marvel has been going as long as it has as an ongoing. I've almost bought an issue a couple times. Does anyone actually like it? It doesn't have a lot of people cheerleading for it on the blogs I read, but then again, that's pretty much here, the Savage Critic, and the ISB. How has it lasted 38 issues and counting?

If there's a better way to distill how great Big Barda is in words than Chris Sims did here, then I would like to see it. I also like how he described Janissa the Widowmaker, a character I have somehow never heard of despite her being exactly what was missing from the Conan stories I have read. Why yes, I have somehow never read a Red Sonja story, why do you ask?

The Unwritten was the best $1 first issue about a not veiled at all Harry Potter analogue I have ever read. Much in the same way that GI Joe: Cobra is the best espionage comic set in a universe originally created to market toys I have ever read, while we're throwing out praise that stands up to no basis of comparison. Both were among the best comics I read last week.

It kind of sucks that Captain Britain is getting cancelled when I'm just getting in to it, but on the other hand, how in the hell could they ever top the current arc? I'd feel bad for not jumping on sooner, but if they couldn't use Secret Invasion to gain a big enough audience to last, then I don't think I'm the only problem. I'd love to see Leonard Kirk on the Agents of Atlas ongoing (which I hope doesn't get cancelled next month or something) now that he's free.

Has the Punisher ever fought the Sinister Six? And if not, why?

You have to talk about what you're eating if you're on Twitter, right? I have to do that if I'm doing a riff on Twittering? Because I'm not eating anything. Do I need to go eat something? I'm not hungry. I had a good meal. I don't think I can handle the rigors or brevity of even pretending to use the latest technological fad. I'm gonna go back to the quaint comfort of my video games. This strange new world is making me a bigger luddite than my pal Stony. And he doesn't even play video games!

*Around being my wiggle room out of actually limiting myself to 140 characters. Because Twitter is stupider than the child of two Jeph Loeb comics who interbred that grew up to huff paint, and I can only stomach aping it so much.

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