Twist-Filled "Superwoman" #1 Appears to 'Kill' A Major DC Character

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for "Superwoman" #1, on sale now.

"Superwoman" #1 is one of DC's few Rebirth titles to feature a more-or-less brand-new character; in this case, the arrival of a Superwoman to the New 52. But while readers might think they know what's happening at first as Lana Lang narrates the book starring a super-powered Lois Lane, consider this a warning. There are more doubles, twists and turns lurking in this comic than you might initially expect, including what appears to be the death of a major DC Comics player.

Lois Lane, Ace Reporter

The most obvious double is Lois Lane herself. Thanks to "Convergence" there are actually two Lois Lanes running around the DC Universe. There's the Lois from the pre-"Flashpoint" universe that crossed over into this new world, who is married to that world's Superman and is helping him raise their son Jon Kent while hiding from the rest of the DC Universe. We've seen a great deal of her in current issues of "Superman" and "Action Comics," but it begged the question of what was up with the Lois Lane that is native to the current DC Universe.

And then there's the New 52 Lois Lane. This Lois was never Superman's wife, though she still played a crucial role in the now-deceased Superman's life. Early on, she was given psychic powers in an encounter with a group of meta-humans named "The Twenty" who had gained their abilities after coming into contact with Brainiac. By the end of the second year of the New 52, though, the Parasite ended up saving Lois's life by draining the abilities that had knocked her into a coma. Most notably, she was the one who outed Superman as Clark Kent to the entire planet in an effort to save Superman from being blackmailed with that knowledge.

In many ways, that was all a set-up for her status at the start of "Superwoman" #1. Present at the death of the Man of Steel in "Superman" #52, she was one of two characters who was struck by a bolt of energy as he died. Superman's death seems to have released his powers for the taking. Lois Lane's abilities as Superwoman include flight, super-strength, super-speed, super-hearing, x-ray vision, and heat vision. It's the set of abilities that people traditionally think of when defining what Superman can do. Her appearance is similar to the classic look of Superman, too, with the traditional blue outfit, red cape, and S-symbol on the chest. But while the pre-"Crisis" Lois Lane was briefly Superwoman (all the way back in "Action Comics" #60 in the mid-1940s), the New 52's Lois hasn't used powers beyond her brief psychic stint. And so, Lois turns to the one person she can trust; Clark Kent's main confident within the New 52 universe. Namely, Lana Lang.

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